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  1. theace27

    The Rebuild of Mud Hog

    Always great to see progress shots Russ! This is Mudhog 2 right? Mudhog 1 will have the motor in the front still correct?
  2. theace27

    The Rebuild of Mud Hog

    Hey Russ, was just curious if you had any updates on things. Looking forward to seeing the pics of the original tractor tires from the Mud Hog. Where were you able to locate those?
  3. theace27

    My "in progress(for years)" models

    How did I miss this thread???? I guess 2 years late isn't bad! HA HA HA HA. Killer stuff man!
  4. theace27

    Bullfrog Monster Truck

    Man I need to come back to Mayhem more often. Thanks for posting that shot of Bullfrog.
  5. theace27

    FB page Build up - Marvin Smiths Wild hair

    I am not too sure where this rumour started, probably many years ago cause I have heard it many times over. But it isn't true. Stomper Bully 1 built by Jim Lyons for TNT & Schaper Toys was completed in the fall of 1984 where it made its debut at the St. Paul Civic Center in front of many Schaper...
  6. theace27

    The Rebuild of Mud Hog

    Can't wait to see this thing finished one day Russ!!! Keep up the great work buddy!
  7. theace27

    Shark Attack Question

    Had no idea Jeremy! That is very interesting. What did Creten do with the truck after he was done running it?
  8. theace27

    Status of Flyin High / Big Show

    Truck hasn't moved, still sitting in the compound while the driver awaits his trail and sentencing.
  9. theace27

    Info *Official* Southern Sunshine Thread

    Sad to hear the King is leaving the stable... :(
  10. theace27

    looking for any info on a ushra 4x4 pulling truck

    Serious? Tennessee Stud was a stretched to the max Dodge super mod 4x4.
  11. theace27

    War Master

    Spellcaster, where are you from?
  12. theace27

    War Master

    Spellcaster do you have any photos of War Master in its prime? Thanks
  13. theace27

    War Master

    Steve "Worlds least biggest War Master fan" Hurt owner of War Master! I can't wait to do you up some business cards! HA
  14. theace27

    War Master

    What are the odds that a Intimidator toy shows up in a picture of a toy War Master?
  15. theace27

    Info Bigfoot Inquisition

    Pictures together? Not that I have seen but they did have the same body work, this picture in question III ran that from 1985 til 1986, as did IV.
  16. theace27

    Info Bigfoot Inquisition

    Terry, that is a picture from the summer of 1986 when III was running that body. It is my belief that Bigfoot decided to make III look closer to IV during this time, I and II were pretty well identical so they made III match the look of IV, minus the planetaries. One thing about Bigfoot stuff is...
  17. theace27

    The Rebuild of Mud Hog

    By who's standard? If you are a true fan of monster truck history you know who Russ Gearhart and Mud Hog is! :)
  18. theace27

    The Rebuild of Mud Hog

    Any updates Russ?
  19. theace27

    Monster Rods Hill Bully on eBay

    Tonka should have struck up a sponsorship with Pony Express and did that instead of the Hill Bully
  20. theace27

    For Sale West 49 Monster Jam Skate a Zoid complete set

    That just blows me away! Some hard-core people out there!