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  1. Dave Collard

    Yahoo Nascar Fantasy League

    Hey Guys, A couple years ago Bryan did a fantasy group for us Nascar fans on Mayhem to have some fun with. Missed having it last year so I threw one up for anyone who wishes to join and have some subtle fun non-monster related! Look for the join a league links and then the private league...
  2. Dave Collard

    For Sale: Many Hotwheels Items

    Hey Guy's, I'm selling my entire Hot Wheels Monster Jam Collection. First Come, First Serve and Highest Bidder gets the trucks! If I get more then one offer on the same truck within 24 hours I'll allow an opportunity for the parties to bid a price back and forth. Loose trucks have been...
  3. Dave Collard

    Caption This: Providence Edition

    Let's see what some come up with for this for Richie:
  4. Dave Collard

    Monster Jam Anaheim 1 Updates

    Courtesy of Kyle Carr. I'll see what we can get up during the show!
  5. Dave Collard

    Spidermans Official Render

    I bought the Yearbook Sunday and it arrived today. Figured I'd "play nice" and show off something. I know I've read that some were not sure if the HW Render was right or not. Well... I dig it.
  6. Dave Collard

    TNT Motorsports Press Kit 1990 Images

    Hey Guys, Recently I fell into a real gem on Ebay that being a 1990 Press kit issued by TNT Motorsports to New Jersey area reporters concerning the Flemington Speedway Monster Truck Challenge event. Enclosed was several documents concerning TNT and Monster Truck racing a photograph of Bigfoot...
  7. Dave Collard

    Show Related Monsters return to Seekonk Sept. 26th

    When: Saturday September 26th @ 5PM Where: Seekonk Speedway, Seekonk, Mass What: THRILL SHOW! Monster Trucks, Spectator & Enduro Car & Truck Drags, Enduro Races, Truck & Car Figure 8's Figured I'd toss the heads up to the local New England folks who do the tri-state shows. Not sure the lineup...
  8. Dave Collard

    Project X Performs the Backflip

    YouTube - Monster Truck Backflip Project-X
  9. Dave Collard

    Stafford Springs: Monster Jam 2009

  10. Dave Collard

    CVH Back in Miami!

    Check out for details!
  11. Dave Collard

    KSR-Motorsports New Website Debuts

    KSR is proud to announce its new online home has been completed! A total redesign of the site that has been months in the making has finally come to fruition. KSR's Ron Ergott and DC Photowerx's Dave Collard have been working non stop to ensure this site is a smashing success for 2009 and...
  12. Dave Collard

    MTM2 Special Event: Fall Madness (Advertisement)

    Welcome to one of the great fledgling traditions of MTM2 Drag Racing! For the past half decade this autumn tradition has taken place on Thanksgiving weekend and always is a cornerstone in providing unforgettable moments and memories. November 29th brings no exception as the Dave Collard Special...
  13. Dave Collard

    Odd Home Made Rig

    Can't say I've ever seen a truck with 66's and super swampers on it before. :eek:
  14. Dave Collard

    Show Related Black Stallion + Vaters Motorsports Invades Seekonk Tommrow

    Saw the commercial for it earlier today. Black Stallion, Iron Warrior (didn't say I'm assuming it will be though), FMX, Jet Quads, Demo Derby, Spectator Drags, Figure 8 Racing, Enduro Drags, and Pure Stocks at Seekonk Speedway tomorrow afternoon / evening! Be there! 2PM Gates Open / 5PM...
  15. Dave Collard

    Show Related Monsters @ Seekonk Speedway Sunday

    Monster Trucks will be at the first Seekonk Speedway Spectacular instead of the usual August Date this year. Rick Raab and Aaron Cromer will be piloting their respective trucks American Guardian and Anger Management in what is to be assumed two Freestyle Exhibitions around the Bay State 1/3rd...
  16. Dave Collard

    Monster Jam World Finals 9 Update Thread!

    Figured I'd best make the thread now to let people know what is up. I'll be in the Monster Mayhem Chat Room a little later this evening to pass along whatever updates I receive from the few members that agreed to send me some. I'm not guaranteeing a lot of updates just yet but we'll try our best...
  17. Dave Collard

    A step in the right direction for MTRA...

    I came upon a rather interesting and good bit of news for the MTRA sanctioning body. It's been stated on that the official rulebook for 2008 is going to be the MTRA rulebook. This comes somewhat as a surprise to me as I remember hearing MLMT officials state they were drafting their...
  18. Dave Collard

    Caption This 1-21-08

    I can't come up with anything thats just to darn funny.
  19. Dave Collard

    Updates from Anaheim Monster Jam

    Here is what I've gotten so far from Patrick: Lupe in El Toro invited to Vegas. El Toro rolls in introductions Racing track has changed the jump in the center of the turns has been removed and FS now has a double like Minny in December. Round 1: Digger Bye reason: Aracnaphobia...
  20. Dave Collard

    Monster Jam implements silent judges

    - Joe Lowe I for one think this is a awesome idea. Fan interaction is great but to determine a winner it just never felt right. Kudos USHRA Officials...