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  1. malicious motorsports

    What size and how much for chain drive?

    What size and how much for chain drive?
  2. malicious motorsports

    Monster Patrol

    The new monster patrol is or was the monster mayhem/blackwidow truck that was owned by the owner of this site we all talk on
  3. malicious motorsports

    Monster truck owners

    Will call you tomorrow
  4. malicious motorsports

    Reckless drivin'

    Looks great get it done and start hittin them cars!
  5. malicious motorsports

    El Gato Volador and Malicious?

    hello im Gabriel Montoya owner of the Malicious team and you can see pics on here or on my facebook pages either the - Malicious Monster Truck - page or my personal page with my wife under- Montoyas Monster Racing -
  6. malicious motorsports

    mud communications number?

    Called John at Mudd Comm. About 6 times last week and he answered 5 out of the 6 and called back with in 5 minutes of the time he hadn't answered and he was very helpful and didn't get frustrated with all my dumb question so I would say it is a great place to have a rii Plus I picked up a...
  7. malicious motorsports

    mud communications number?

    Thanks got it!! Started the truck for the first time tonight sooooounds sick!!
  8. malicious motorsports

    mud communications number?

    Does anybody have it to post so I can call them?
  9. malicious motorsports

    Casper video from Midland this weekend

    There is a short video of the truck from this weekend but not sure how to link it on here but just searched Casper monster truck on youtube and it popped right up!
  10. malicious motorsports

    race ready team for sale

    Any luck on the sell?
  11. malicious motorsports

    For Sale Mega Merc on e-bay

    I know if I had the money I would buy it and run it!!! :D
  12. malicious motorsports

    MustRead Cant beleive this slipped in under the radar, but The Beast is Back!

    Looks like this was the bog in Belen NM just down the street from my place he usually has his ride truck at this event but didn't go this year but am wishing I did now that I see this
  13. malicious motorsports

    building new truck from the ground up!

    Yup stands by itself now no more rims or blocks holding it up!
  14. malicious motorsports

    Truck Related my monster

    Those axles are looking nice making me want to take my planets off ha
  15. malicious motorsports

    picking up the new truck

    I'm sure you will get it where you want it to be :D
  16. malicious motorsports

    Reckless Drivin' finally on big boy tires.

    My guess on the shocks would be so that they are angled to flex with suspension cause if they were outside the mains they would be straight down and in the way of the tire to be hit on angled landings but just a guess but I'm sure they could be moved for different reaction points to help with...
  17. malicious motorsports

    Xtreme Jim I

    Looks good hope to have a truck that nice some time in my life :D
  18. malicious motorsports

    building new truck from the ground up!

    Newer pics of the build from a few weeks ago will post some recent ones soon! Truck should be about done in a month and ready to be put to the test!
  19. malicious motorsports

    Press Release Bad News Travels Fast: New owners

    That's awesome wish you luck on your first show! :Cross Fingers: