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    UNLV Proposed New Stadium Plans

    From Yahoo...
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    A different look at Jim Koehler's Wildwood air

    I was going through some video for an upcoming project, and was looking at the moonshot Jim Koehler had in Wildwood late last year. As I went through the clip, it occurred to me that I had yet to see anything that really showed exactly how high up he was. EVERYONE that had video or a still...
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    Show Related Monster of Destruction in Jonesboro, IL

    July 29 & 30, Monsters of Destruction at the Trail of Tears Lodge in Jonesboro, IL. Monster Truck line up includes... Amsoil Shock Therapy Tailgator Heavy Hitter Big Dawg Excaliber Quadzilla Freestyle Motocross and take a ride on the Massive Machine Ride Truck! Gates...
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    Other stuff I have been up to...

    On occasion, I get to do some projects other than monster trucks. Here is one of them. A bit about on this video before you watch it. It was filmed at a World War II reenactment at Jefferson Barracks Park in St. Louis, MO on 4/16/11. It does feature simulated battle footage, and does have some...
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    BMPS 2010 Still Frames

    Thought I took care of this already, but I guess not. I did this the last couple years, and people seemed to like it. This slideshow features still frames from video I shot during the 2010 season. Enjoy! Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
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    Wildcat/Big Jim History?

    Minibite called me up today. Her family is planning a vacation/"visit her sister" trip to Gatlinburg, TN. (which is about half way between us and her sister) Mini mentioned a place called Outdoor Adventures that gives monster truck rides. The trucks are Big Jim and Wildcat. I did a search...
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    Bigfoot 4/Jim Kramer "Chuck Norris" thread...

    Since I couldn't figure out how to pull the old thread from the depths of the archives, here is a new one based on some recent conversations I have had: Jim Kramer once killed two stones with one bird. The US only dropped one atomic weapon on Japan. Nagasaki exploded from the awesomeness...
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    Baby Bite

    AKA Alexander Jonathan Marshall. Thank you to all of you who sent my family well-wishes on Facebook. In a couple years, you will be seeing this guy at shows:
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    Bigfoot On Fox 2 in STL... Check out the first video...
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    The Other Silverdome Highlight

    You all saw Elliot's amazing highlight from the Silverdome, well here is my take on the event. Detroit show equals Detroit music...Enjoy!!!
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    2009 Still Captures

    Hello all. I did this for 2008, and thought it was kinda cool. So here it is again. These are still frame captures from video I took last year. I put them in a photobucket album...enjoy! 2009 Still Captures pictures by colbycheese97 - Photobucket
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    Interesting "For Sale" find...
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    TMB-TV needs a new track cam...

    Thank you, Rick Long!
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    Year End Videos on The Monster Blog

    Hello everyone...check out both the Year End Highlight videos over on The Monster Blog. Make sure to block out a good chunk of time, as the two videos total a whopping 40 minutes!
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    TMB-TV: Montreal

    TMB-TV's fifteenth episode of the year debuts Sunday evening at 8PM ET. This episode features Chris Arel's Monster Spectacular event from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This is one of the biggest indoor stadium floors in all of monster trucks, and played host to over 40,000 fans...and the first...
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    TMB-TV...Two New Episodes!

    The latest TMB-TV episode is now available on The Monster Blog. Season Two, Episode Thirteen comes to you from the Monster X Tour in Springdale, AR, and the Outlaw Monster Nationals from Lawton, OK. We present you a pair of smaller shows that normally may not have received coverage...two great...
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    Springdale, AR Monster X Tour

    Saturday night, the Monster X Tour was at Parsons Stadium in Springdale, AR. The lineup was: Dan Runte - Bigfoot 16 (Black Flame Body) Scott Hartsock - Gunslinger Don King - The General Chad Yaeger - Wild Mann Wheelies: Chad Yaeger in Wild Mann was up first in only his second time behind the...
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    Video of My Wheely King/Classic RC Pix

    Video of me messing around with the "Bling King": ...also, years ago, I had an old Traxxas Sledgehammer:
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    Caption this 8/18/09

    Hawkins: "Quit lookin' at me that way, boy!"
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    Rammunition on FoxNews

    Another cash for clunkers story...this one with Rammunition (looks like Raminator #2). SECOND LINK...