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    Truck Related GunSlinger 2013!

    hasnt it always been?
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    Michigan Ice Monster

    professionalism at its best. disgraceful.
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    St. Louis 2013

    I have absolutely no idea who makes the call on what shows will be on SPEED and why.
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    St. Louis 2013

    St Louis is one of my favorite shows to go to as an official. Im glad Im goin back again this year
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    New trucks and new looks coming to the Monster X Tour.

    I dont recall anyone sayin BJ was driving this year for FELD...just that he was working for FELD now
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    Truck Related Kreg Christensen Jump Record Attempt?

    it not like if Kreg makes it...its beating Joeys record. If he goes that taking the crown from 'foot
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    The Broker Monster Truck

    possibly Lou Antinozzi?
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    truck in macungie pa for wheels of time car show?

    you just posted on FB that you heard it was a diesel. that may narrow it down to...1 lol
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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread

    is that an announcer in the center of the track?
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    Truck Related El Toro Loco (Werner) Question

    Englishtown NJ...not sure what year, or which event for that matter. I do however believe thats me standing on the track wearing the Digger crew shirt. lol
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    New Orleans Superdome Monster Jam

    his leg isnt broken
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    New Orleans Superdome Monster Jam

    Im fine...just twisted my thumb. bout 10 minutes later was like nothing happened
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    Ford Field 2012 January and March

    dont have my tix yet, but as of now i plan on going to both
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    looking for 66s

    Kalbones Speed Shop in Va beach. theres a thread on here someplace about it
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    New Killer Bee

    thanks...figured as much
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    New Killer Bee

    so, I guess the floor pan needs to be cut to that shape, and the lower center triangle lexan needs to be a seperate piece in order to have the clearence. Maybe it looks different in real life than it looks in pics
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    New Killer Bee

    how do you get the trans out though? it cant come room between rear firewall and motor. or is the pic just decieving?
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    New Killer Bee

    looking at the pics...looks like a nightmare to change a tranny