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    2013 HoF Nominees

    Cool to see everyones' thought on this. As a member of the nominating committee, we are asked to submit a bit of information as to why we feel our suggestions are deserving of being inducted. I would love to see everyone here do the same. This is just a curiosity to see where everyone is on...
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    Promoter Related Can you compete with Larry Quick and Paul Strong? We should talk business then.

    Lemme share two stories as to the professionalism of Paul Strong and Larry Quick. Both of these stories are from Miami, OK... 2008, Paul was running Martial Law. He absolutely wadded up Martial Law night one. He had broken a sway bar, and it wasn't caught before the next hit. The truck...
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    Info April 2013 MTRA Board Meeting Notes

    In looking back through this thread, I found something I thought I would comment on. Earlier this season, I witnessed a situation where driveshaft (not axles as stated, but similar situation) failure rendered the front brakes useless, and contact (albeit light contact) was made with a piece of...
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    Info April 2013 MTRA Board Meeting Notes

    Marty, has any research been done into the temperature at which brakes will fail purely due to temperature? I know they get hot enough to glow and spark and what not, but seems from my vantage point (with a camera in my hands) that performance is effected before a temperature failure point is...
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    MustRead Joe Sylvester and Bad Habbit go for the record again...

    While the ramp is irrelevant from an official records standpoint (i.e. Guinness' viewpoint), they are fairly specific in stating that in attempts like this, that the landing cannot occur at an altitude lower than the take off ramp. You cannot "ski jump" with records like this. Their...
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    Dodge Monster Trucks

    DeGrasso's Beast.
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    Monster Jam Track Building

    As far as cost, it really depends on the contacts available from town-to-town. Also, some arenas actually maintain a supply of dirt in a large pile on the back of their property. Doubt it is that many, but I know of at least two that I have seen in the past that owned their own dirt. Seems...
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    Are Monster Jam logos copyright protected?

    Merchandise being one of the most common of those things.
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    Are Monster Jam logos copyright protected?

    You are correct. However, he is not doing it himself. He is having a company make it for him. That company charges for their services, and would be a much more likely and beneficial (from Feld's legal perspective) target.
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    Are Monster Jam logos copyright protected?

    No money has to exchange hands for someone to be in violation of copyright. Only one entity has the right to make copies for ANY reason. (I have probably typed this 50 times on this site alone...RIGHT to make COPIES...RIGHT+COPY = copyright) The company making the would be in violation for...
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    interesting at the monster blog

    Could anyone read the smile on my face in that last post?
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    interesting at the monster blog

    I will try my best to explain while avoiding risking my account here to moderator action. The images attached to each news story on The Monster Blog often have the edges cut off, since the images aren't designed to fit in the space provided. In this case, "RESULTS TRACKER" looked like "SULTS...
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    interesting at the monster blog

    You just stumbled upon the "pay section" of our site. SHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ;)
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    UNLV Proposed New Stadium Plans

    From Yahoo...
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    Caption this -- Stockton CA

    What you don't see is Kyle standing next to him, doing the walrus with two markers...I have video proof.;)
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    Truck Related Favorite Children Inappropriate MT?

    Let me make something clear, since I have made the most noise here, albeit in a bit of jest. I have never smoked a single cigarette. I have never done a single drug that wasn't over-the-counter or prescribed. I have had no more than three sips of alcohol in my entire life. One was on my wedding...
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    How To Tell What Type Of Chassis A Truck Runs

    And there is a prime example. I will fix that in my list.
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    How To Tell What Type Of Chassis A Truck Runs

    Perhaps some pictures would help you out. There are a ton of chassis' out there that are privately-made that would be pretty time consuming to list. Some are crazy odd-balls, while some of them look fairly close to more mass-produced units. That makes it tough for even a seasoned eye. I went to...
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    gauging interest in old school competitions

    I don't want to see any of the old trucks doing anything beyond pop and drop. They are pieces of our sport's history, and I want to see them preserved, not flogged. I love to see them crawl over the cars. That is all I want to see out of them. Not because i don't think it would be cool (it...