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  1. malicious motorsports

    mud communications number?

    Does anybody have it to post so I can call them?
  2. malicious motorsports

    Casper video from Midland this weekend

    There is a short video of the truck from this weekend but not sure how to link it on here but just searched Casper monster truck on youtube and it popped right up!
  3. malicious motorsports

    looking for used RII for sale

    Any info on one or if you have one let me know
  4. malicious motorsports

    nitro shocks

    Where can I find the chuck and line for my nitrogen bottle that handles 400 psi and screws onto the filler on the shock? Already have the regulator just need the line and female chuck end
  5. malicious motorsports

    how do you wire an RII properly

    Need help not sure what wire goes where for lights and kills
  6. malicious motorsports

    building new truck from the ground up!

    soon to be Malicious race Peterbilt :D
  7. malicious motorsports

    Our first car crush!

    We did our first car crush last night with Osiris at the Route 66 Kart Speedway and it was crazy finally got some seat time for the both of us now we are just wanting more! :D
  8. malicious motorsports

    looking for bodies/tubing

    anyone have any bodies for sale? or tubing?
  9. malicious motorsports

    looking for race roller or chassis plus parts

    Original deal fell through so looking once again Any packages out there?
  10. malicious motorsports

    Hawgwild for sale?!?! (dang it)

    Never thought this truck would go for sale or i would have waited for it ha i love this truck!!! Sorry don't know how to post links but im sure somebody else can
  11. malicious motorsports

    Got the race truck in process

    picking up my chassis, body, housing, shocks and extra goodies in a few weeks to start knocking it out! (already have my motor, trans, gauges and some tires so not lacking to much) :D
  12. malicious motorsports

    scs box question for MJ rule change

    I found some reverse drive boxes on BamBamBiguns by SCS and was wondering if they are legal by MJ rules or if it has to be a 24" monster truck specific made case?
  13. malicious motorsports

    18.4 - 26 mud tires with rims for sale

    All 4 rims and tires $1000 bolt pattern for 2.5 ton Write here or call 5053318438
  14. malicious motorsports

    Destroyer for sale?????

    wow this is crazy i just saw him run and win racing last night and to go on racingjunk and see it for sale with hauler is intense wish i had 190,000!!!!!!!
  15. malicious motorsports

    Ride truck ready for your event!!!

    the MALICIOUS ride truck is done and ready for your next monster event!!!!!!!:Clap: email [email protected]
  16. malicious motorsports

    chassis or truck?

    Does anyone know of any old skool chassis or trucks for sale? Like the early styles from when they switched from leafs to gas shocks.