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    Hunnywell Valley

    any results from yesterdays show?
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    David "chipmunk" Hall

    for those that dont remember him, "chipmunk" was a Houston man who helped USHRA out for years. He was always dedicated to our events and we lost him when he was killed by a drunk driver. That driver was sentenced, here is the article: Jurors sentenced a Pasadena man who worked at Minute Maid...
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    Caption this 6/23/09

    with the news of Krmel goin into this next?
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    CBS this Sunday!!!

    Morning all, I just got a call from a good friend , reminding me that the CBS special will be on this Sunday, 12:00 eastern time. Be sure to tune in. From what my understanding...its a REALLY good show
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    Robbie Knevil

    Robbie Knevil trying to jump volcano NOW on FOX
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    so, I was listening in on the radio show LAST week, and it was announced that Rob French is going to be driving Dragon Slayer. This came as a bit of a suprise, but I guess with Kreg moving to the Max D seat, the spot was open. Anything new on this yet?
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    A Special Holiday Wish

    Just wanted to wish all the Admins here a special Happy Holiday. You guys put up with alot of BS all year long, even some from me sometimes. You get all the e mails and PMs about Ban this guy, ban that guy, and even the occasional, no imfamous "option "D" ". You come on here after a long days...
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    MTRA Banquet

    any word on who won what? Surely someone must know by now
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    Mayhemers Beware

    GUYS, and GALS lighten up, cut the admins a break,...and no matter what you do...DO NOT choose that "option D" I just got an e mail from someone who JUST got banned...PERMANANTLY for it
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    Wasnt there a show in Oklahoma this past weekend? Who was there? Who won?
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    O/T lost my phone

    I know this si off topic, but since it involves alot of you I did it anyway. I lost my phone over the weekend, and of course, all my contacts. Please PM me with your current #s, along with yr real names so I can have the fun job of starting over Thanks Beerman Jim
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    an interview that I had done recently with Josh Rhodes is about to be posted on All-Monster. apparently, Robby Haught isnt happy with some of my replys. I asked Josh to have Haught call me so we can discuss it, but he refuses, here is the interview: Josh Rhodes- Your one of the tech officials...
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    Best Wishes Tim Knerr. Hes scheduled to go in for total hip replacement tomorrow
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    I have sent PMs to both Cale and Jason. Jason, you have yet to respond, and Cale, I gave you the info you asked for and still nothing has been done. You guys complain when we take matters into our own hands, yet, when we come to YOU with an issue, it gets ignored. whats the deal?
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    who is the promoter for this

    I seem to remember something about this show not too long ago, who is promoting this
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    Thank You...

    ... to Jason and the rest of the admins for doing their best to stay on top of the KSR/ZANE situation. If the members needed a thread with just name calling and bickering, we'd refer back to threads of past about LNvsBIGFOOT Thanks guys
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    since we are bringing up sore subjects

    anyone have any idea how the MTRS is doing, since we were all promised it would start in Feb of 2007?
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    Elliott Miller

    Elliott!!!! put down the **** tennis raquet and call me!!!
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    Ok, there are alot...well, some, intelligent people here. Other than a cheer-off, what are some suggestions for chooosing a winner in case of a tie. I dont want to hear "let them run again", and "bring out a second truck" for the obvious reasons. There hasta be a better way other than the cheer...
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    Farewell to a West Leb Landmark

    Anyone thats ever gone to the show in west leb knows, there are pretty much only 2 places to eat. Speedway Diner, and Frescos Pizza. This past weekend, Speedway diner burned to the ground. According to "H", the owner, he had no insurance, and has no plans on re building. This may not seem like...