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  1. indyh2

    Larry Quick???

    Monster X Tours page us messed up because they clicked on a similar link and we're dumb enough to enter their user name and password on a phishing gateway. It's a spam bot that took over their page, not somebody that made a single post about somebody being dead.
  2. indyh2

    devilsdodge larry ask me to post this

    That would be awesome to see it come back! You have a private message also by the way.
  3. indyh2

    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread

    Seems kind of stupid to cover the truck with a black tarp considering they cover vehicles up in car and racing accidents that involve bad injuries and fatalities... Just my .2
  4. indyh2

    A day late, but the annual Monster Mayhem "What Did You Get for Christmas?" thread!

    No monster related things here either... I was a little light this year anyway because the my son took over haha. I got some cookware (I do all the cooking in our house) some clothes, a new jump box/air compressor for the fleet of vehicles, and a 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar for the...
  5. indyh2

    Speed and Bigfoot

    So just a random question. Does anyone know about the relationship with Bigfoot and Speed? I thought I read somewhere that the new MTM body is going on 19, is this true? If so what is happening with the Speed body, will that go on another truck or is Speed and Bigfoot parting ways? Thanks...
  6. indyh2

    Truck Related New MTM Bigfoot

    Just saw that Bigfoot will be getting another new look for the Monster-X Tour. I think it's pretty sweet!
  7. indyh2

    Bigfoot Driver?

    Thanks for the insight Kyle. Wishing you all the best with brewing. Did I read somewhere that at one point you did marketing while at Bigfoot? What was that like?
  8. indyh2

    Feld consolidates into massive Florida facility

    If they were smart they would open the facility up for tours or viewing like NASCAR shops do... many would come to see that and of course having them end up in a gift shop helps the bottom line even further lol
  9. indyh2

    Hot Wheels Errors

    Came across a Storm Damage in a Grave Digger vintage package error today at the store and picked it up. Just was wondering what stuff like this goes for and a good way to sell it. Thanks, Drew
  10. indyh2

    Monster Jam Losing Popularity?

    Where is the shop in Florida?
  11. indyh2

    Show Related Jeff "Wildman" Cook and the Gas Guzzy crew at the Auburn Auction Park

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Jeff will be at the Auburn Auction Park THIS weekend with NITEMARE, SHOTGUN HARRY, HIGH HORSE and SHREDDER performing car crushes throughout the weekend. You can also catch a ride on COYOTE HUNTER and watch a Freestyle Motocross show as well. This is taking...
  12. indyh2

    Porter County Fair - Paul Shafer Motorsports

    Apparently Shafer's trucks will be at the Porter County Fair tonight. They're advertising Cadaver instead of names like Bear Foot, Carolina Crusher, Monster Patrol, etc. I wonder why. Apparently Ozz Monster is being run in addition to Cadaver. Its nice that they're trying to get things going...
  13. indyh2

    All American Progression

    Saw this was for sale on racing junk so I thought I would do some digging. Is this truck insured as a ride truck? I'm just surprised not to see a roll cage or something for the passengers.
  14. indyh2

    Site Related Unintentional User Accounts Suspended - Please Tell Us!

    Apparently my account was attacked by the spammers so that caused problems with my logging in. I think the site had problems sending emails because I requested my passworda few times for them to be reset and even went as far as registering new accounts because I thought mine was lost. Never got...
  15. indyh2

    SST events removed from Bigfoot's website

    Its threatening the venue to remove all of the anchor events that they host. FELD can take any of there shows to any venue and sell it out. But once XYZ venue looses FELD, who do they go to to fill those missing voids? FELD has the venues by the ball$ and they know it. It's not uncommon for...
  16. indyh2

    SST events removed from Bigfoot's website

    Yeah secrecy isn't good in situations like this from a sports marketing professionals standpoint...
  17. indyh2

    Truck Related Info on this truck...

    Hey guys, I saw this posted on eBay a little while ago. I would have posted it sooner but the spammers tried to use my account and got me locked out. So I tried to make a couple new accounts, never got activation emails and got banned. I tried the email me a new password link and nothing...
  18. indyh2


    Kind of a cool deal. Who's the team?
  19. indyh2

    Whats the normal charge on ride truck rides in your area.

    Sgt Smash was charging 10 bucks at Indy I believe. Side note, how is that truck promoted? I haven't been able to find a website, Facebook, nothing.