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  1. indyh2

    Speed and Bigfoot

    So just a random question. Does anyone know about the relationship with Bigfoot and Speed? I thought I read somewhere that the new MTM body is going on 19, is this true? If so what is happening with the Speed body, will that go on another truck or is Speed and Bigfoot parting ways? Thanks...
  2. indyh2

    Truck Related New MTM Bigfoot

    Just saw that Bigfoot will be getting another new look for the Monster-X Tour. I think it's pretty sweet!
  3. indyh2

    Hot Wheels Errors

    Came across a Storm Damage in a Grave Digger vintage package error today at the store and picked it up. Just was wondering what stuff like this goes for and a good way to sell it. Thanks, Drew
  4. indyh2

    Show Related Jeff "Wildman" Cook and the Gas Guzzy crew at the Auburn Auction Park

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Jeff will be at the Auburn Auction Park THIS weekend with NITEMARE, SHOTGUN HARRY, HIGH HORSE and SHREDDER performing car crushes throughout the weekend. You can also catch a ride on COYOTE HUNTER and watch a Freestyle Motocross show as well. This is taking...
  5. indyh2

    Porter County Fair - Paul Shafer Motorsports

    Apparently Shafer's trucks will be at the Porter County Fair tonight. They're advertising Cadaver instead of names like Bear Foot, Carolina Crusher, Monster Patrol, etc. I wonder why. Apparently Ozz Monster is being run in addition to Cadaver. Its nice that they're trying to get things going...
  6. indyh2

    Truck Related Info on this truck...

    Hey guys, I saw this posted on eBay a little while ago. I would have posted it sooner but the spammers tried to use my account and got me locked out. So I tried to make a couple new accounts, never got activation emails and got banned. I tried the email me a new password link and nothing...
  7. indyh2

    Truck Related FutureFoot to be auctioned off in January.

    Just saw this on Bigfoots Facebook feed. Sometime in January apparently. Personally I think it would be cool to see it in the HOF.
  8. indyh2

    Show Related Auburn, In Show at Auction

    Just got an email from Auctions America about their annual fall car auction. Saw at the bottom that they were going to have monster truck shows and rides on Saturday and Sunday. I'm sure it has something to do with the Hall of Fame. Anybody have anymore information?
  9. indyh2

    Bigfoot Open House

    Did anybody go to the open house yesterday? I haven't seen any talk of it so I thought I'd ask.
  10. indyh2

    Truck Related Mystery Truck near Berrien Spring, Michigan

    Just drive by Autosport Storage on 139. It's right between St. Joe Michigan and Berrien Springs. No body but it looked like an old leafer on 66's. Any idea what this could be? I didn't have time to stop because I was on my way to a job site. Here's a useless overhead shot.
  11. indyh2

    MustRead Robby Gordon teaming up with Bigfoot! Skip to 12:18!!!!! I figured he would find a way back in. This could be huge for both Robby and Bigfoot! God I hope they use the 18 body or a Hummer haha. Anybody at Bigfoot able to release a timetable or info on what's to be expected?
  12. indyh2

    Show Related Feb. 5 Tampa Monster Jam

    Just drove by the stadium. Superman and Lucas Oil are on site. I really like the wrap on Lucas! One more mystery rig that belongs to an Indy, white toterhome with an all black trailer. I'm thinking maybe Joe but not sure... Any ideas?
  13. indyh2

    Merch at Feld shows so far...

    What have you guys been seeing at the FELD shows so far at the trailers? I want the new son of a digger shirt but I'm worried it won't come in time for the 22nd Tampa show. Thanks guys!
  14. indyh2

    Promoter Related A year later and more problems with RPM Fest

    Came across this today in the news. It's crazy to think that the problems this guy caused so many people are still going on.
  15. indyh2

    2010 San Antonio Air Force Truck

    I was watching the 2010 San Antonio freestyle show and during the first 5 mins during the usual show filler they showed a clip of Damon signing autographs in front of the AF Afterburner. In the background was another Air Force MT but it was gray and looked like it had jets on top and had an old...
  16. indyh2

    Can't get custom trucks or tracks into MTM2

    So, I've been trying via pod it and other programs to get custom trucks and tracks into the game... anyone want to provide step by step directions start to finish on what I need to do to maybe see what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Drew
  17. indyh2

    NO MTM2 sites working....

    So, I'm trying to get into the whole MTM2 scene and am currently downloading the program. (And hoping it works) I've been trying to go to sites like and the draggers one and NONE are this just a sign of things to come and nobody makes trucks or tracks anymore or is this...
  18. indyh2

    Did anyone ever have...

    I remember when I was young, haha like 15 years ago, having a BIgfoot playset from Toys R Us. It came with a motorized bigfoot that had a lever on the truck bed that you would pull back and it would engage the wheels. Also if you pushed down on the truck bed the engine would rev. It came with a...
  19. indyh2

    Advice for first MJ event?

    So I just transferred to Tampa for school and this upcoming weekend is the Tampa MJ event. It'll be my first event and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice to make it the best possible. Times to get there, pit party advice, etc. Whatever you think will prove to be beneficial. Thanks guys...
  20. indyh2

    Team KCM

    I was wondering if anyone had any inside info on what is going on with Kreg and KCM. I know he's racing Max D so we can go beyond that, what I was really wondering was when he is going to build his new trucks and if he's going to keep the Hummer bodies. Where did his old trucks end up and does...