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    Truck Related 1/2 Pint?

    Are there any pictures of 1/2 Pint?
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    Truck Bodies

    I was wondering what bodies haven't been used yet on a monster truck?
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    Team Question

    Do a lot of teams run multi trucks with different names? How does it work? Does a team take the body off of one truck and put it on another chassis? I'm sorry if the sentences don't make much sense. I tried to word them as well as I can.
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    Monster Truck Question

    I was wondering to be a monster truck driver/owner do you need a special license?
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    2008 Monster Jam Yearbook

    I don't know if this belongs here or not. Would anyone have an extra copy of the 2008 Monster Jam Yearbook for sale? I'm also interested in finding any yearbooks from 1980's-1999?
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    4 Wheel Crazy

    Is there any pictures of this truck? I can't seem to find any.
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    Master of disaster

    Does anyone know if Doug Spanier owned anyother truck then Master of Disaster?
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    A Question

    Would anyone know how much Dan Patrick charges for a turn key monster truck? Would anyone know of any that are for sale?
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    MN or ND shows?

    Does anyone know of any Monster Truck shows that will be going on later this year in MN or ND? I missed the Fargo show this year and would like to know if there are any other shows in the area.
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    Little Tiger Question

    Does Brian own the rights to Little Tiger name? If he does, is there anyway I can contact him about buying the name?
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    First Blood Question

    I have been wondering a few things: How many First Blood trucks were there? Are there any pictures of them? What is Rob Fuchs up to now a days? Did he leave the sport? If he did why?
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    Monster Trucks For Sale?

    Are there any Monster Trucks for sale? How do I go about getting a licence to drive a Monster Truck?
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    Monster Mash?

    What ever happened to the Monster Mash Truck?
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    MT question

    Anyone have any pics of Total Chaos? Did Bryan Barthal (sp) own any other trucks? Any pics of Dalmation?
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    Anyone have any of these for sale?

    Does anyone here have Monster Truck year books from the 1980's-1999 for sale?