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    Truck Related Dan Evans in Samson?

    Just looked up the truck lineup for the Peoria, IL show in February and noticed they have Dan Evans listed as driving Samson, anyone know if it's simply a typo, or is Dan Patrick really stepping out of the seat?,_IL/
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    Another Funny Car Fatality

    Source: Really sad to see another driver perish at Englishtown, I'm beginning to wonder whether it is really safe to race there anymore. This happened exactly one week after a TA Funny Car went into the nets at my track at...
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    Christmas Present in June

    As some of the people on here know, I work at Chicagoland Speedway for Ryan Westlake, and over the last two weeks, we've occasionally talked about monster trucks (he's worked for USA Motorsports since '97 and moved to LN after the buyout), so he knows I'm a pretty big MT fan. Well, my dad (the...
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    Look what Ernie Brookins' been up to......

    So I was perusing Engadget tonight, and came across this: Unfortunately you'll have to log into the site to read the whole thing, but you can get the gist on engadget. Pretty cool stuff he's showing, I...
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    Russian MT.... sorta

    While browsing the awesoem Internets, waiting for something to finish downloading, I came across this website: Kinda interesting to see it.