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  1. MadMan4x4x4

    GTS fiberglass pieces off UFO an Black Stallion

    Ive wanted to share this for a while keep forgetting here they are
  2. MadMan4x4x4

    Chaos monster limo??

    If anyone has heard of this truck they might have be able to answer this: is this truck owned by the same Bob fisher who owned liquidator and u.f.o. back in the day?
  3. MadMan4x4x4

    Grave Digger #9/Extinguisher ride truck???

    Hey i heard this truck was for sale a few years back, does anyone know if it did sell or the current owner of it? Thanks
  4. MadMan4x4x4

    Walkin Tall & Gang Green questions

    Does anybody know what year make and model gang greens body was. Also Does anyone know the current wherabouts of walkin tall? Does Robbie Gordon still Own it??
  5. MadMan4x4x4

    samsons open house pics??

    Any one willing to post some pics from today?
  6. MadMan4x4x4

    Bigfoot #9 pictures

    Hey can anyone on here share some of there bigfoot 9 p[ictures early and later from brazil?? Thanks.
  7. MadMan4x4x4

    krimson krusher with 8 ft tires??

    i found this pic a while ago an dont know where it came from can someone give me some information on it along with the tank.
  8. MadMan4x4x4


    does anyone know the location or what happened to this truck? I know its been around since 85 but thats about all i know.