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    Official: World Finals XI Update Thread

    Hey I know him... the one painting white!:D
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    Official: World Finals XI Update Thread

    I can pretty much guarantee that the track will look fabulous by the time the show rolls around.;)
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    Minneapolis (just looking for info)

    From my experience with this show, the tickets usually go on sale the 3rd week in August. Your best bet is to stay downtown, that is where everyone usually stays.;)
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    Happy Canada Day!

    Have some Tim Horton's for me guys!:D
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    R.I.P Twig

    Thank you Jake!
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    R.I.P Twig

    I can't even start to believe this. Our family is so deeply saddened by this tragedy. Our thoughts go out to Jesse's family and friends. We love you Jesse! You will be forever missed.
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    Springfield IL Jambo Photos!

    I would be freaking out if I was there and saw that guy on the track taking pictures.:rolleyes: Great pictures everyone! Where were you sitting Cindy?
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    Krmel to drive Blue Thunder

    GROSS!!!! Congrats to Frank! I hated that monkey suit!;)
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    feld survey

    There is no way that I would spend my good hard earned money to go to Las Vegas to see the Monster Jam Freestyle World Finals, if there was no racing involved!:mad: I want a survey to fill out!
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    Why do we reward failure and thoughts on the back flip.

    Thank you so much Don for posting this. I have been frustrated for years about this. When I was living in Canada I got to be a judge for freestyle, and got booed for how I judged because I was going by the rules, and did not give the big name star the points because he did crash instead of...
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    Flame Motorsports Stream Live NOW!!!

    I totally agree that for some members on this board, what someone does to help us appreciate what it takes to work in this business, is not good enough for you. These guys work hard, and I mean really hard. And someone put up the web cam for something fun, for all of us, and you complain...
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    The First Ever Monster Mayhem Roast of our very own Jason Twite !

    All the best to you Jason and your bride!
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    Truck Related news

    All the best to you Kristy!:)
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    World Finals X Mayhem Meetup

    I'm heading to vegas wednesday. Looking forward to meeting everyone at the pit party. ;) Madrat, I think LB will be doing one show in Europe, not sure which one.
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    Track looks awesome LB!:D
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    Thank You Jim!!

    Cindy that is so awesome.
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    Who's going to Vegas and who is doing the Double Down

    I'll be there. Is everyone going to try and meet up? We should make a plan now.:D
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    Dan Patrick Support Thread

    My thoughts are with you Dan.
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    R.I.P. George Eisenhart

    This is so incredibly sad. My condolences to the Eisenhart family, friends, and all concerned. Rest in peace George.
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    Show Related Minny this weekend....

    Looking forward to the show. It should be awesome!:D