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    How can you tell if a truck is monster jam owned?

    Bounty Hunter is not owned by FELD. - - - Updated - - - They are pretty easy to tell. If they are major corporate backed trucks in name, they are usually owned by FELD. Remember though FELD does do lease deals where they are running their bodies on independently owned trucks. Grinder, Batman...
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    Favorite Videos of 80s and 90s

    Just wondered what everyone's' favorite monster truck, mud, or pulling videos of the 80s and 90s era. I loved the Shake Battle And Roll series. Diamond P knew how to make a highlight video! They were long, but packed full, well paced, with little filler.
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    Anyone... Dresser Wisconsin 1995?

    Thanks for the info.
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    Anyone... Dresser Wisconsin 1995?

    Oh cool... You'd have to record it to your computer first and then upload it either to youtube or if you want to share it there are some share sites aswell where folks can download things.
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    Promoter Related Major part of Monster Jam leaving.

    I read a press release not that long ago about the Family Events Jamboree Monster Truck coverage moving to FOX Sports, but I can't seem to find it. I hope I read that correctly though, that'd be awesome. - - - Updated - - - I wouldn't worry about monster Jam. The FOX sports site has been...
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    Anyone... Dresser Wisconsin 1995?

    TV shows usually disappear when contracts end or viewership is down. I believe that the show was also produced by Bill Lineberger so if anyone knows what happened to the Linebergers (sp)???
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    Anyone... Dresser Wisconsin 1995?

    I just realized there is footage of the Dresser, WI show on the Bigfoot 25th anniversary video. The clip where Bigfoot Cruiser blows a steering line and ends up in the trees. I remember Bigfoot never made round one because of the breakage. Also Meents was on double duty in both Monster Patrol...
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    Anyone... Dresser Wisconsin 1995?

    No it hasn't turned up on youtube yet. Thanks though. There is a home video race from the same venue on youtube from 2000, but it isn't that one. Oh, also a detail... This mystery event was aired as one show monsters and mud, not in separate pieces.
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    Anyone... Dresser Wisconsin 1995?

    I do not know which station aired it, but I remember watching a monster truck and mud race from I am almost certain Dresser Wisconsin, from I am almost certain 1995. I remember a bit of the line-up too... Bigfoot Cruiser/???, Nitemare/Bobby Z, Kodiak/Mark Bendler, Monster Patrol/Tom Meents. I...
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    Monster Trucks in Japan

    As would I! I didn't even know they ran monster trucks in the Tokyo Dome that many times.
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    The New Terminator
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    The New Terminator

    Don't forget, this is guy is a member of the old guard. They are going to that body style because Gary used to run a C10 on his Exterminator truck in the 80s and early 90s. Not taking a shot at you or anything though. I can somewhat agree on the paint scheme not fitting the body, but I'm not a...
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    Grave Digger 4

    Don't know if any of this will help... I actually spoke with Cliff Thomas at the Dungeon 2000 and Dennis at the DC auto show in 2002. I know he has a hard time remembering every detail, but he very passively said the numbering on the 4 and 5 trucks was some what arbitrary because those trucks...
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    Lookin for old penda points vids

    Would some one be willing to sell some copies of the old penda racing series? I grew up watching it at my grandma's and didn't have a vcr there to record it? I can pay for them. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong area.
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    Info Monster Wars TV Listing

    that would explain why the times were significantly slower on some of those runs.
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    Info Monster Wars TV Listing

    I kind of figured 2 and 4... Where the heck did they get some of that footage though? that's what I want to know. Maybe qualifying runs from both shows to create an episode of runs. I know four was a badly edited jumble of daylight and twilight with runs we'd already seen. There also appeared to...
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    Invader 94

    Was the truck he ran at the end of 93 the same truck he ran throughout 93?
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    Invader 94

    I know Ray moved on to drive Dodge Express during the 94 penda season, but the 1994 monster wars yearbook has him still listed in the Invader. I also realize that these yearbooks are processed at the end of the previous season so some info may be slightly out of date, but what did happen to the...
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    Info Monster Wars TV Listing

    I realize this post is very old, but besides West Lebanon 4, which other one was the compilation? The one with the predator win or the one with the bear foot win?
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    35 Anniversary of the USHRA

    Schroeder did actually slip in the words "Hot Rod officials" in the Dallas racing episode this year. That was strange to hear after so long.