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  1. chad4208

    Shows being rushed

    2 and half to 3 hours is fine....want a full race bracket.... 6 broken trucks on track is too much... 4 hour show every week is a little much, hard on people and equipment. Finding a balance is god but they are tippping slightly in the wrong direction. Even taking a minute to drag a truck...
  2. chad4208

    Tuff Trax Thunder Chicken

    your about 9 years too late for those things are sooooooo rare anymore, any of the tuff trax toys
  3. chad4208

    Site Related The Never-ending list of Monster Truck Themes

    sounds like they might have changed it this year...not sure
  4. chad4208

    New Digger Legend Body

    it doenst match the lettering at
  5. chad4208

    Question About Dennis Taft's Photos

    Get out of your parents basement and realize in the real world, people aren't always cozy and nice....
  6. chad4208

    Question About Dennis Taft's Photos

    I'm not postings full pictures with watermarks. one, that is rude, and disrespectful. I'm talking about the figure cut outs... and I usually type I dont own the live etc.... But I guess its not legally stealing unless its copyrighted...but Im NOT just re posting pictures
  7. chad4208

    Question About Dennis Taft's Photos

    does me scowering the net for photos to use for my videos qualify as "stealing"
  8. chad4208

    Site Related The Never-ending list of Monster Truck Themes

    Instigators theme? anybody know that one?
  9. chad4208

    Monster Jam 2015

    what show is titan doing? i cant find him. He's building a new truck isn't he?
  10. chad4208

    Monster Jam 2015

    anytime now
  11. chad4208

    John Seasock

    Him having a case of bells palsy was covered on one of the early 2000's episodes of Monster Jam on TNN. So yea it was quite a while ago...
  12. chad4208

    #MoreMonsterJam ?

    no info in the link....where is this info coming from?
  13. chad4208

    John Seasock

    Pays to be smart...and not just a smart *** like you always are on here
  14. chad4208

    Pod 2015?

    well, after this years POD shows, I wouldnt waste my money
  15. chad4208

    John Seasock

    why would you search the Monsterblog for results and NOT for a FELD truck? Yea.......
  16. chad4208

    2014 Monster Jam 1/64 Line

    ive forgotten what i have and what i dont *looks to see if I have captain AMerica*
  17. chad4208

    Orlando show

    orlando is listed for today at 11pm and Saturday at 7pm for fs2 618. if you have directv you should have it in hd as well
  18. chad4208

    Monster Jam tv listings change

    For anyone who hasn't noticed, the Monster Jam TV listings have changed. Obviously they moved Orlando up so it would be in order. JAx and Stl are still swapped out of order but Detroit and Syracuse are listed as 2 parters now and no 4th part for Vegas so definitely no yg/qualifying. As of now...
  19. chad4208

    Site Related The Never-ending list of Monster Truck Themes

    They must start it off with the who let the dogs out percussion intro....thats what threw me off....
  20. chad4208

    FORMULA off road 2014 TV

    I dont really care that much for them running on the same courses as the indy cars. and what was strange is that they didnt cut into the program in progress but cut parts out of the middle...