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    Favorite Videos of 80s and 90s

    Just wondered what everyone's' favorite monster truck, mud, or pulling videos of the 80s and 90s era. I loved the Shake Battle And Roll series. Diamond P knew how to make a highlight video! They were long, but packed full, well paced, with little filler.
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    Anyone... Dresser Wisconsin 1995?

    I do not know which station aired it, but I remember watching a monster truck and mud race from I am almost certain Dresser Wisconsin, from I am almost certain 1995. I remember a bit of the line-up too... Bigfoot Cruiser/???, Nitemare/Bobby Z, Kodiak/Mark Bendler, Monster Patrol/Tom Meents. I...
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    Lookin for old penda points vids

    Would some one be willing to sell some copies of the old penda racing series? I grew up watching it at my grandma's and didn't have a vcr there to record it? I can pay for them. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong area.
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    Invader 94

    I know Ray moved on to drive Dodge Express during the 94 penda season, but the 1994 monster wars yearbook has him still listed in the Invader. I also realize that these yearbooks are processed at the end of the previous season so some info may be slightly out of date, but what did happen to the...