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  1. Trent

    merry christmas every one

    it been a while i hope you guys are doing good and merry christmas
  2. Trent

    black wheels on monster trucks

    any one know if big foot the first monster truck with black wheels
  3. Trent

    what happen to bule thunder 11

    blue thunder 11
  4. Trent

    here a pulling truck you migt know

    here a pulling truck you might know
  5. Trent

    Truck Related old school bearfoot dodge

    i know you guys love old bear foot dodge so did i
  6. Trent

    super modified trucks

    it in june 1984 pulling power magazine
  7. Trent

    super modified trucks

  8. Trent

    FB The Old USHRA

    me too brother it been long time man i wish he would post some of his pulling pictures
  9. Trent


    yo jason did you post your pulling photos my brother
  10. Trent

    1980s pulling fotos

    you know that pulling from the 80 s is the **** that today pulling boring man
  11. Trent

    1980s pulling fotos

    1980 s pulling fotos
  12. Trent

    Old Pulling pics

    hey let me look man i see i have one
  13. Trent

    MustRead pull trucks from the past

    pull trucks from the past
  14. Trent

    Old Pulling pics

    here you guys go
  15. Trent

    old school pulling pic

    old school pulling pic
  16. Trent

    MustRead i got some new old school pulling posters

    man go ahead and use any pictures you want from my pictures i do need som pictures of magnum jr do you have any tntfan thanks
  17. Trent

    hey do you have any ushra pulling pictures from 1984 thanks man

    hey do you have any ushra pulling pictures from 1984 thanks man