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    King sling monster

    yes. thank you ,so is the grave digger pickup just didn't know if anyone had seen it thanks for putting up the picture,,
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    King sling monster

    Did anyone else see king sling monster on Adams FB page I would of post it but don't know how
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    where is everyone!!!

    is everyone shopping?:p
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    New Digger Legend - It's Not Pretty...

    I shared on my fb and got lady's like, men not this is a monster joke
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    CJ-5 Tough Truck Project.

    that's cool ,post pictures to update , fiberglass is nice to , great find again,,, I used to have 69 bronco to go trailing with but my lack of how things work made it to costly .now I'm always learning :) ,,marvin
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    CJ-5 Tough Truck Project.

    Luck find,, I was looking at a 72 ram charger for 800 Had set for months but when I called it sold day before
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    Billet Clark Champagne

    thanks I will let him know, there are a lot of parts to a truck besides big tires is there a diagram of a monster truck? thanks again marvin
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    Billet Clark Champagne

    So I have this friend and he has no idea where this part goes!! could you explain It So i could tell him ,,,Thanks Marvin
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    What is your most prized Monster Truck possession?

    I have a lug nut off bearfoot ,
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    ride truck for sale

    I have a 98 chevy cavaliar I could gets good gas milage which is worth its weight in gold.:o very nice truck .took my daughter on a ride truck once and I swear we where going to tip over ,the driver would putt around until the turns and then punch it ,had a blast. marvin
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    truck bodys

    wow didn't think about paint and a mold .so up keep cost like body, parts I don't know about ,motor , tire's, fuel and hauling to shows could add up more than the cost off truck. thanks for the eye opener
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    truck bodys

    I was watching all the freestyles the other night and noticed that some of the bodys were falling apart just idoling .how thick are they and they are fiberglass right ? and how much do they cost to trash them ever show? thanks marvin I do like seeing them fall off
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    Bigfoot Driver?

    im not sure but read somewhere that Tim missentis doesn't work there anymore .not sure how long that's been.just pass n along
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    new superman

    Is that a pickup body? I love the old school feel.
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    My new idea

    polly wants a cracker
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    El Diablo

    next thing they will be putting the body under the truck and call it bottoms up
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    watch them all,, now what:)
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    NEW TRUCK: New Earth Authority

    I think it looks like a shiny baseball cap
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    watch for 2 hr. thanks again,,, I might get my computer time reduced though ;)
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    1996 West Lebanon Winners

    am I missing something? I don't get these awards that have been being posted.