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    Show Related Arlington Tx Monster Jam

    Where do I start? This was an average at best monster jam show, a lot of breakage from the independent teams. j.r McNeal was there in the xtermagator made one lap around the floor in intros and he was done for the night. Storm Damage broke also during intros, but came back for a really good...
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    Ticket prices.

    Hey y'all I just bought my tickets for monster jam at att stadium, I was forced to buy c335 instead of my usual c205 because of prices. The club level 200s went from 55 last year to 126 this year. Insane. The production isn't even worth 126 a ticket, plus the total access is still 140, so why is...
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    Dalton Millican RIP

    Just saw on Lindsay weenks Facebook dalton Millican just passed away from an apparent motorcycle accident. Trying to find out more. Thoughts and prayers to Clay and his entire family. - - - Updated - - -
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    Monster Jam 2016

    So I've noticed the monster jam schedule is mostly out, one big shock is none of the Houston shows are on there neither is the DFW Monster jam at AT&T stadium, also Atlanta has 2 events this year. Now I did go to nrg stadium website and they do have 3 events for '16 but still nothing for the...
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    World finals 2015

    Ok so we pretty much know who is going to be in the show, what's the predictions? Here's mine YGS Becky Mac yellow ETL Racing Jimmy Createn Bounty Hunter Freestyle Dennis Anderson Grave Digger
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    Dallas Tx monster jam

    Tonight's monster jam was, well, a flop! Super rushed, lackluster performances, Neil Elliot wasn't there. Monster energy won racing, and monster mutt won free style both had really good runs, but Charlie paulkin in digger, who was first out was the best, didn't win. Overall just really disappointed.
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    Monster jam pit party

    So, are the monster jam pit parties no longer free? I noticed in years past you could buy passes or get them free from metro pcs, but now the monster jam website just shows the purchase option. Not cool at all FELD!
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    Monster Jam 2015

    when will the line ups for the 2015 season be announced?
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    What ever happened to liquidator UFO and first blood and invader monster trucks?
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    Big Kahuna

    What happened to the Big Kahuna truck that Flame Motorsports ran last year?
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    Dooms day monster truck

    Houston 1 2014 debut dooms day monster truck. Here's a vid.
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    Arlington Monster Jam 2014

    Hey just thought I would start a Arlington thread who would go and who we would want to see. As for me, I'm absolutely going, and I would love to see the Anderson 3 plus Tom Meents, the whole team scream, Marc McDonald in ETL, jimmy and dawn creten, OUTLAW, Devin Jones BARBARIAN, all of the...
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    Arlington Monster Jam Results!

    Adam Anderson wins racing with a easy win over Ryan Huffaker in ETL! the track was very hard packed and slick, a lot of trucks having trouble getting any kind of traction out on the huge floor, but it was still very entertaining to watch. Now on to Freestyle, let me say first that this was the...
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    Monster Jam Houston February 2nd

    Hey i was at the Feb 2 monster jam in houston i felt like it was a good show although pablo lost a tranny as soon as he hit the floor for freestyle, and i really dig the cali-style tracks. i think its cool what the drivers are doing that win racing and freestyle, giving away those cool trophies...
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    Arlington Monster Jam

    Anybody notice that feld has changed the line up a little bit? Storm Damage and Hurricane Force were shown on the lineup and now Black Stallion and Iron Warrior is there again, im not bashing Mike or Trey at all i love to see them both but it would be nice to see Storm Damage and Hurricane...