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    King sling monster

    Did anyone else see king sling monster on Adams FB page I would of post it but don't know how
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    where is everyone!!!

    is everyone shopping?:p
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    truck bodys

    I was watching all the freestyles the other night and noticed that some of the bodys were falling apart just idoling .how thick are they and they are fiberglass right ? and how much do they cost to trash them ever show? thanks marvin I do like seeing them fall off
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    No problem

    Was watching some video with no problem and was wandering if there are any with the Newer suspension he was running .the short wheelbase truck seemed very well Balanced.i had meet John once and he toke me around and got autographs from other Drivers ,pony exspress, va. Beast and others but...
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    pulling power mag.

    did anyone used to read pulling power magazine? I couldn't what for it to come in the mail. the only place I could find them was in Kansas when visting my grampa i still have them and just about any other mag. that had a monster truck in it. talk about good times .
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    What ever happen to mud lord

    Did it just retire ? Seen it years ago with Cyclopes and awesome kong had the v-12 That was plane cool
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    No takers

    Yesterday at the chili Cookoff we had our first annual hot popcorn challenge . We had only one Person sign up (he still had to eat it to win ).our popcorn was spicer than the winner Of the hottest chili.the ghost and scorpion pepper popcorn made there team and Two brave police officers...
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    Trucks that didn't come to town

    Are there any trucks you would like to see But never come to town? I have never seen max d ,snake bite, or avenger There are more but those I would like to see.
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    snake bite

    is snake bite racing anymore or is it for display only?
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    Mad Popper

    Popping idea My old popper died and was thinking of turning it in to A r/c vehicle to drive around and sell corn to fair fans It weighs about 100 lb. so maybe a go cart would be better . It's base is 22x20x 32 tall . Just a thought. Thinking of calling it the MAD Popper! What do you...
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    Is there a list

    Is there a list of all the racing monster trucks ? Thank you.