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    Buck MotorSports 2017 Season Finale

    Things got a little crazy last night.
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    Buck Motorsports 8-26-2017
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    There's a first time for everything...

    ... and after 13 years of racing I got my first rollover. It couldn't happen at a more perfect time too because it taught me a lot on what I can do going into a turn with the CJ-7's new setup I spent a year and a half working on. You can see the rollover from the stands at 9:00 and from my GoPro...
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    Bloomsburg 2016

    Bloomsburg was a great time! I have 217 files to go through and upload. If you didn't hear Rammunition had a pretty violent crash against Tailgator.
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    Going to try and record events again. (Just some ideas)

    Just a heads up if anyone is interested I'm considering getting back into recording not just monster trucks and tough truck events but other events I attend as well like Line Mountain possibly. It just depends whether i'm in the event racing or not. I may even just see if I can get someone to...
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    Thinking about getting back into recording events.

    I haven't truly decided yet. It's just a thought right now and trust me I come up with a lot of ideas so hopefully this one doesn't fall through. I have been thinking about getting back into recording events. What made me come up with the idea is my Galaxy S4. I used to have to carry a bunch of...
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    Wrapped up the 2014 Tough Truck season.

    Winning Bloomsburg Onboard Bloomsburg from the stands First time racing my Cherokee and getting 3rd qualifying out of 17 trucks and 4th head to head...
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    Need some video capturing help.

    Hey guys I decided to go back to my one of my old ways of recording with a video camera that takes DVC digital video cassette. I just came across my old video capturing device and plugged it into the computer and luckily it installed itself when it plugged in. However I do not believe I still...
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    Trophy truck suspension.

    Are there any videos about how a trophy truck or sst truck suspensions works? i want to learn what I can about it to see if there's anything that can give me some ideas for my tuff trucks.
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    CJ-5 Tough Truck Project.

    I've been wanting to build a CJ-5 tough truck since a friend mentioned he was thinking of building one. Since he no longer does tough trucks I figures I'd give it a try if I ever find a CJ-5. A couple weeks ago I picked this baby up for $500 and also got a 8000lb winch with it for $250 that's...
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    Mason Dixon Tough Trucks 8-10-2013

    Hey R and W what was that about I USED to hammer down more? :D
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    My run at Buck Motorsports 7-13-2013

    Hey guys, I hope you enjoy my onboard footage at The Buck from this past weekend. I rushed to get everything ready for the event because I just got the Jeep back after building a motor for it from the block up. I think an adjustment on the idle and float on the carburetor are in order and...
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    Bloomsburg 2012

    in about a month itll be that time again. who's gonna go and who's gonna make lame excuses to stay home?
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    who's going to jersey?

    it's quite a drive for me but i plan on racing street warriors at new jersey so i can witness the double backflip attempt by tom meents. is anyone else going? by the way save the cry baby backflip criticism for someone who gives a crap. this post is made to see who is going to the event.
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    anyone go to harrisburg?

    zane rolled the stinger and my jeep put on one heck of a smoke show lol. edit: by the way i have video of both i'm going to upload.
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    The old "Rollin on Dirt" project is alive again!

    Hey guys I doubt many of you remember this but Rollin on Dirt was a DVD idea I had a while back but I never made it to turning it into an actual dvd. I'm gonna do the next best thing and post it on youtube for everyone to see for free. The first file uploaded will contain Rollin on Dirt Tuff...
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    any gun owners in here?

    i never thought i'd like guns but my brother came down a couple months ago and let me shoot a .22 rifle and just enjoyed it and actually did better than him and he's been shooting his whole life. i decided to buy a 9mm handgun to shoot at targets and it's a heck of a lot of fun. i'm working on...
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    stinger took a hard crash.

    zane posted this not too long ago on facebook. i didn't see any video yet but i'm GUESSING a lawn dart like crash. don't know for sure. glad he's ok though.
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    lucky me...

    man my dad would have loved to see this. it's on the grave digger 30th anniversary dvd. shortly after that shot i think it also shows me getting my shirt signed.
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    do we have any autocrossers in here?

    i'm asking because i did some autocrossing a few months back at carlisle and there was this nissan gtr there. we ran two laps around the track for our best times. i ran both days as much as possible with my bone stock mustang and the nissan gtr made only a few passes on one day. when our best...