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  1. rns0504

    Orlando Monster Jam 2011

    Just wondering who is going to be there this year? I'll be there as usual... gonna be a good show, cant wait!
  2. rns0504

    World Finals XI Limited Edition Hot Wheels for trade?

    SO, I have like 20 of these Monster Jam World Finals 11 Limited Edition hot wheels things. Tired of them sitting on my shelf, want them gone. Willing to trade for other (older) hot wheels or other Monster Truck memorabilia? Always interested in old school footage that I don't have, but some...
  3. rns0504

    Fayetteville, NC this weekend

    Anyone going? I plan on stopping by Friday night on my way up to Dennis Anderson's mud bog. Any info on ticket prices?
  4. rns0504

    Off-Topic Orlando Citrus Bowl recieves turf renovation Orlando is finally doing something about the worn-out Citrus bowl. $10 million is being spent on renovations, including 1 million on the latest astroturf. Automatic drainage system is also part of the renovation, to prevent another...
  5. rns0504

    Salinas last weekend

    Any results? I cant find anything about it except the listing on TheMonsterBlog's schedule Looked like a good lineup... Bigfoot, TIme Flys, Obsession, Obsessed, and Fired Up?
  6. rns0504

    WF-XI Trucks For Sale

    New in box, mint condition. Asking 30+shipping OBO. Paypal accepted, PM me with offers or trade ideas (always looking for MT stuff)
  7. rns0504

    Students sent home for wearing American Flag shirt to school

    Apparently some spanish students were offended because they wore these shirts on Cinco de Mayo and said they were being racist.
  8. rns0504

    Ocala Monster Jam 4/30-5/2

    Anyone going? Thinking of heading out tomorrow afternoon for Friday and Saturday shows.
  9. rns0504

    Caption This: AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!

    Our very own VVitch!!! "Is your mom hot?" Had to be there for that one......
  10. rns0504

    Tool Definitions

    DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting the freshly-painted project which you had carefully set in the corner where nothing could get to it. WIRE...
  11. rns0504

    Scott's Vegas odds are up

    YAY another Vegas thread!! Because we REALLY need another!!! Anyways...
  12. rns0504

    Jacksonville Monster Jam

    The end of the Florida stadium tour is in sight!!! Monster Jam in Jacksonville this Saturday!! STACKED lineup: Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson) Maximum Destruction (Neil Elliot) El Toro Loco (Chuck Werner) Blue Thunder (Linsey Weenk) Superman (Chad Fortune) Taz (Adam Anderson) Nitro...
  13. rns0504

    Miami roll call

    Anyone on here besides me and yoda going? Strong lineup, probably one of the best Miami has seen... Grave Digger (Dennis Anderson) Maximum Destruction (Neil Elliot) El Toro Loco (Chuck Werner) Blue Thunder (Linsey Weenk) Superman (Chad Fortune) War Wizard (Randy Moore) Gunslinger...
  14. rns0504

    2 Jacksonville Tickets for sale

    Selling my 2 tickets for Jacksonville on 2/27/10. Lineup is: Grave Digger (Driven by Dennis Anderson), Maximum Destruction (Driven by Neil Elliott), El Toro Loco, Blue Thunder (Driven by Linsey Weenk), Superman, Taz, Nitro Circus, Escalade, Gunslinger, Instigator, Shock Therapy, Excaliber...
  15. rns0504

    Tampa 1st show- 1/23

    Who is going to be there? I'm bringing a friend of mine to his first show. Front row, 50 yard line seats, too. Who else is attending? I'll be there friday and saturday lending a hand where needed with track crew up till showtime.
  16. rns0504

    Bigfoot SEMA Chevy accident

    Let the Show truck / Chevy jokes begin!!!! YouTube- Truck Jump
  17. rns0504

    Found a 1992 USHRA Camel M&M Souvenir Yearbook

    For a buck! :D Near-mint condition too!
  18. rns0504

    Tiger Hunting game

    Tiger Woods Wife Outrun LOL
  19. rns0504

    Miami Monster Jam Ticket question

    On the ticketmaster page for miami, they have a 4-for-the-price-of-3 ticket deal offer. Unfortunately it needs a password to use the deal. Anybody have an idea what it is, or where I could...
  20. rns0504

    Changing Oil

    When it comes to changing oil there are entirely different standards for men and women. Even though the female method may well be cheaper, easier and quicker, the satisfaction of doing it yourself is priceless, to wit: Changing the Oil Oil Change instructions for Women: 1) Pull up to...