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  1. American Ride

    Haunted Monster Truck Rides In Lansing,Michigan

    oh yeah thats rite its Haunted Monster Truck Rides in the Mongoose Monster Truck Ride Truck from Lansing ,Michigan! Be Ready to Sit Down & SCREAM on the Mongoose for the thrill ride of a lifetime. Oct.13-15, 20-22, 27-29 open 7pm-11pm or until all souls are served! For more information go to...
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    CFP 2012 truck schedule!!

    Attention all Monster Truck owners we will be booking the 2012 schedule starting Monday October 8,2011. For consideration please contact me Mike Fonder at 920-494-2676 or e-mail your contact info to me at [email protected] asap. make sure to take a look at the schedule of events at...
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    Monster Truck War Show at Green Valley Speedway

    Glencoe, Alabama's Green Valley Speedway and A.P.Motorsports Present the 2011 Monster Truck War shows on Friday September 30 and Saturday October 1, 2011. See Bad Habit, War Wizard, Barbarian, Balistic, Viper, Razin Kane and Strait Jacket battle for the title in a wheelie contest, racing and...
  4. American Ride

    Ride truck needed!!

    Ride truck needed for September 17,2011 for a one day gig! This is a gauranteed paid deal! Ride truck in parade and then rides at the fairgrounds for this event. Call Mike at 920-494-2676 for more info. Thanks Mike Fonder
  5. American Ride

    Ride truck and equipment for sale

    Monster truck ride truck for sale $30,000 firm! Comes with jack and tools and trailer. Also selling Volvo toter home, Freightliner toter home, 30' open trailer with tire crane and tool box's, 40' tri-axle open trailer. E-mail mike at [email protected] Thanks Mike
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    Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular

    Outlaw Monster Trucks presents the Monster Truck Spectacular this Friday and Saturday May 20 & 21 at the McMoran Place in Port Huron,MI. Monster Trucks appearing are Amsoil Shock Therapy, Excaliber, Shell Camino and the Desperado. Also on the bill is circle track quad racing. Show times are...
  7. American Ride

    South America- the truth must be told!!!

    Hello monster truck fans this is Mike Fonder President of A.P.Motorsports and the producer of the Monster Truck Wars Tour to South America. Some people know and some dont that our tour has had a lot of ups and downs while on tour to South America and worked with some good promoters and ofcourse...
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    Beware monster truck owners!!!!!

    Yes beware Rev Prochnow and Jim Morrison are putting together a tour to Central America and if you did not know which im sure alot of you are Rev is back to ripping off another tour of trucks and abandoning them in South America. Im not here to rip on Rev he has done that to himself allready...
  9. American Ride

    Hiring trucks for U.S. show!!

    A.P.Motorsports is looking for eight monster trucks for a show in southeast United States for September 30 and October 1 2011. If interested e-mail Mike at [email protected] with contact info! Thank You Mike Fonder
  10. American Ride

    Buying monster trucks!!!!

    A.P.Motorsports is not only hiring trucks for one tour, we are purchasing trucks for another tour over sea's! If you have a turn key,rear engine, 4-link gas shock truck with a blower motor and looking to sell, give me a call at 920-494-2676 or e-mail pics and info to [email protected]
  11. American Ride

    Hiring monster trucks for tour March & April

    A.P.Motorsports is hiring more monster trucks for a second tour! yes thats rite we have signed into an agreement with a promoter for a second tour of trucks to tour Central America in March and April! Looking for 4 monster trucks ready to make some real money! Il evan put it out there $5000 a...
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    A.P.Motorsports hiring mechanics for tour!

    A.P.Motorsports is looking to hire two experienced mechanics for our International Monster Truck Tour to South America,Latin America and Mexico. 1. Must have experience with monster trucks. 2.Must be experienced with blower motors. 3.Must have a good work ethic, no screw off's. 4.Must be...
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    A.P.Motorsports update of South America tour

    A.P.Motorsports has a press release with an update of the Monster Truck War Tour 2010-2011 available on the Extreme Monster Truck Coverage website. Updated schedule will be available shortly as we make the final contracts for shows coming up the rest of the year and next year! Mr. Microphone:D
  14. American Ride

    A.P.Motorsports returns to South America

    Round 2 for the Monster Truck War Tour 2010 to invade Santiago,Chili this Sunday August 8, 2010 with two big shows! 12 noon and 6pm shows at the Movistar Arena featuring the Superstars of the Monster Truck War Tour Monster Patrol, Godzilla, Sin City Crusher, Grim Reaper and Burning Money along...
  15. American Ride

    Monster Truck War July 17 Fargo,North Dakota

    Tommorow night the Red River Valley Fair will have a war! Monster Truck Wars debut United States show takes place at the Fairgrounds in Fargo with Ghost Ryder,Mongoose,Shell Camino,Viper and Extreme Eagle and the new Mongoose ride truck! The War starts at 7pm and the grounds allready shakin...
  16. American Ride

    need Ride truck asap!!

    Need ride truck asap for June 23-28 fair with one day monster truck show. call Mike at 920-494-2676 Mike Fonder
  17. American Ride

    Records come and records go!

    Kirk Dabney and the Off Road Centers of Rushville Alabama are going to make some history with the Worlds Fastest Monster Truck Maximum OverKill! A.P.Motorsports supports the whole team as they get geared up to make history. Good Luck Kirk and Crew on your world Record Run this year! Mike Fonder
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    A.P.Motorsports announcement!

    Monster Truck Wars 2010 South America!!!
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    A.P.Motorsports leaving this site!

    A.P.Motorsports is leaving monster mayhem and will not return! Enough is enough with this site! We try to put a real race series together come on here to post a thread and get ripped to peices! Our T.V. company and potential sponsor all agree that this site does more harm than good, so with that...
  20. American Ride

    Need trucks for March 26 & 27

    TNT Motorsports is needing trucks for our upcoming show on March 26 & 27. You can contact Mike asap at 920-819-2023 for more details on this show. Thank You Mike Fonder