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    Bigfoot Driver?

    Hey Kyle, It was great meeting you up in Calgary a couple years back. All the best in your future endeavors. To be honest I've got a mug with a pic of you, me, my wife and 10 sitting on the desk in my office. Sincerely, Rod
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    SST events removed from Bigfoot's website

    Seriously bummed about the schedule changes. But yea, seriously there are CFL stadiums in Regina, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary that don't do anything in May and June and they don't host other off-road events. Saskatchewan is ideal in some ways because it's central to those three provinces...
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    Is SST the racing series that we've been waiting for????????

    On the OP: if there was points and a purse for the MTs this might be the racing series. Kids 10 and under free with purchase of an adult ticket: that is certainly a bold move, both for its effect on SST profits, but also for trying to capture a market. Seems like a high-risk, high-reward move...
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    live testing now sst

    Thanks for posting that the Bigfoot trucks hit the track. Looks like will be very interesting.
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    Tamiya TXT-2 coming

    Looks interesting. Probably will have an adapter for clod style wheels/tires. I hope anyway. - - - Updated - - - Looks interesting. Probably will have an adapter for clod style wheels/tires. I hope anyway.
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    Real Racing Series

    Could be, I haven't heard much about the future plans for the class. i do know my wife and I are going to go check it out this year.
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    Real Racing Series

    I'm gonna see what SST brings to the table. It seems like an exhibition race or proof-of-concept (if that makes sense) this year, but I am willing to wait and see how it develops as the series progresses (if it survives the first few years). The big trucks started as exhibition vehicles once...
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    Info Mt repo,

    Reminds me of those little skits they did for Return and War of the Monster Trucks... except worse.
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    Show Related Saskatoon Show 2013

    How did the show last night go? I'm going tonight, and I'm quite excited.
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    Show Related Saskatoon Show 2013

    Does Performance Promotions still do a summertime show in Yorkton at all? I know Arel does one in Regina, but I'd be interested to know what else is going on in Saskatchewan with monster trucks
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    Show Related Saskatoon Show 2013

    Sweet deal! I'm excited to check it out. Hopefully it won't be as cold as it was last week here (getting into -40 Celsius with the windchill for 3 days in a row).
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    Show Related Saskatoon Show 2013

    It's time once again for the Saskatoon Motorsports Spectacular. Has anyone heard what trucks will be there this year? I haven't watched enough tv to catch the commercials yet. I'm pretty psyched to be checking out the show again after being out-of-province for quite a while.
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    Monster Truck Destruction - Official Game Thread

    Level 15 (racing) tends to reset me to the start when landing on the other side of the first ramp.
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    Stadium Super Trucks schedule out

    I agree with most of the sentiments here. I'm kind of hoping that SST, over time, will be to monster trucks now as the truck & tractor pulls of the late 70s/early 80s were to MTs back in the day: a viable platform for gaining exposure and re-igniting the demand for MT competition. And if it...
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    Monster Jam Then and Now 2-Packs

    Maniac would work if they did the 87-91 Ford look. edit: Or expand the line to singles in a "Monster Jam Then" line. Although I have no idea about what names and likenesses they have access to.
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    Monster Truck Destruction - Official Game Thread

    Bigfoot's twitter has pics posted with #18 and either #1 or RetroFoot from the game.
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    Monster Jam Then and Now 2-Packs

    Those prototypes look excellent. I'll will have to track these down!
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    Does anyone know what private trucks are in the Calgary outdoor monster jam?

    I didn't even know there was one an outdoor one in Calgary. I'm wondering how that tidbit slipped by me.