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    Show Related Saskatoon Show 2013

    It's time once again for the Saskatoon Motorsports Spectacular. Has anyone heard what trucks will be there this year? I haven't watched enough tv to catch the commercials yet. I'm pretty psyched to be checking out the show again after being out-of-province for quite a while.
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    Carbon Fibre Driveline Brakes?

    Just a random question: Is it possible to equip a monster truck with carbon fiber driveline brakes? Or are there problems in terms of price, weight, installation or tolerance? I'm asking since CF brakes are supposed to alleviate some of the problems associated with brake fade, and I was...
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    Bigfoot @ World of Wheels Calgary AB

    Hey all, Just a heads up that Odyssey Battery Bigfoot is going to be at the BMO Centre in Calgary from Feb 17 - 19. I'm gonna have to head down and check it out. Details in the link:
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    Edmonton Monster Jam

    Well, after a year off from Monster Jam the missus and I are heading to Rexall to catch the show again this year. Anybody know anything other than what's on the website about side acts? I'm disappointed there is not a Calgary show again this year, since I enjoy making the trek to see friends and...
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    Bigfoot Art?

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knows who did the illustration for the Bigfoot:King of the Monster Trucks box art, and if you could get a poster print of it somewhere?
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    Truck Related Turbos with WRC Bang-bang system?

    So I was wondering if you could hypothetically use a WRC style bang-bang (or misfiring system for the Initial D fans) in either a diesel powered MT or a Twin-Turbo powered one? Or would not really work for the larger-displacement engines that MTs normally run?
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    Show Related Old School Venues

    Alright, here's the premise, Which venues did you see the best old-school shows in? Or if you didn't have access to some of those events where would have most liked to have seen the old-school events. For me, I would have loved to have seen some of the races at the Pontiac Silverdome...
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    Show Related Edmonton Castrol Raceway Show?

    Hey all, I see on Castrol Raceways schedule for August 6/7 there is a monster truck show listed. Who's the promoter for that/what trucks are going to be there? Also, has anyone been to shows in the previous years?
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    Truck Related Technology or Technique?

    In your opinion which is more important in the current monster truck generation technology in the truck or the technique of the driver? Do you think this has varied between generations of trucks? To me it seems sometimes that technology is more important, but in a more or less even field it...
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    Show Related Best Stadium Show in Canada?

    So, I've been wondering which Canadian Stadium show is best to go to? I know of three: Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. I'm leaning toward Montreal just see a different field of trucks, but my wife has a friend in Toronto to stay with. So from your guys experience, which is the best one to...
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    Show Related Saskatchewan Monster Truck Shows

    Hey all, I've been wondering about a few shows I've been to in Sask, and wondering if there are others that I missed, particularly in the Regina area. Also results if you got 'em. The ones I remember are Weyburn, 1988? I was super young, three trucks a white one, a black jeep and a...
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    Arel/CFP DVD's?

    Hey all, I've looked around on Arel's and CFP's website but I haven't seen anything in the way of DVDs for purchase. Do they have any, or are they on sale at the shows only?
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    Mega Truck roll-cages

    Alright, so I got some Trucks Gone Wild DVDs from my wife for my birthday, but something I find odd is this: It seems like the majority of the trucks have no roll cage to speak of. To me this seems strange especially since some of them range in the tall and skinny realm of things. It would...
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    Favorite Old School Tracks

    So, what's your favorite Old School track layout? I've gotta say I like the the 87 Houston USHRA show with the pyramid of cars (kinds of wish they would do that for racing in the World Finals, or buses) and the 87 TNT also in Houston when they started up on the hills before turning out to the...
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    Alberta Truck Pulling Season

    Hey all my fellow Albertans, It looks like truck pulling season is going to get underway here soon. I was bored so googled Alberta Truck pulling and found this schedule:
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    Cool Article about Tractor Pulling

    Here's a cool article I found from my home province. Apparently the guy loves tractor pulling so much he's decided to invest in and make his own sled. I hope it works out for him, and I'm stoked to hear the Boss Blue pulling team may come back too...
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    What got you into Monster Trucks?

    So Mayhemers, What originally got you into monster trucks in the first place? I know some of you guys have been fans for a long time and was wondering what your story was? I remember being three and sitting on a stool in front of the TV at my grandparents place watching the TNT...
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    Show Related Monster Jam: Calgary, Alberta

    So anyone else heading to the show this weekend? I know there's not a ton of us from Alberta on here but I was wondering if anybody else was coming in. Really solid line-up this year too, should be a lot of fun, but I don't know what they're doing for side acts this year. Grave Digger...
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    Your Monster Truck

    Well just as a "for fun thread" let's say you're approached my a large corporation who wants to sponsor you as a Monster Truck and are willing to give you the money to build and race your own truck. What chassis do you use? What body type? What name do you give your truck? I think I...
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    Off-Topic Bigfoot and Muscle Machines new movie ideas

    DISCLAIMER: This discussion is not to be taken seriously in any way shape or form but just for fun about a series from the 80s that will not get a big-budget Hollywood reboot and who would be in it and what the premise would be if it ever (see: never) happens. Director: Steven Spielberg for...