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  1. Danny H.

    Randy Moore?

    Anyone know what's going on with Randy Moore? Ever since Atlanta, crew member Darrin Goin has been running the truck at all the events.
  2. Danny H.

    Official Monster Jam Atlanta 2014 thread

    Monster Jam? Trucks: Grave Digger? driven by Dennis Anderson, Scooby-Doo™ driven by Nicole Johnson, Son-uva Digger? driven by Ryan Anderson, Monster Mutt℠ Rottweiler driven by Rod Schmidt, Max-D℠ driven by Neil Elliot, El Toro Loco? (Orange) driven by Chuck Werner, Spider-Man™ driven by Bari...
  3. Danny H.

    Monster Trucks at Tri County Speedway (Brasstown NC) Oct 25-26

    Zane Rettew and Monster Events LLC are bringing monster trucks back to Tri County Speedway in Brasstown NC. This is by far the closest show to me (around 30 minutes away) so I'm definitely going. I know so far Stinger will be there, but does anyone else have any info on the other trucks?
  4. Danny H.

    Mystery Truck Question

    I found a photo of Reptoid from what appears to be 2005, and there's a 90s Ford F-150 truck in the background: Anyone know what this is? It looks similar to Iron Warrior but I know for a fact that that body type wasn't ran on the truck during that time.
  5. Danny H.

    New home for High Maintenance

    Looks like High Maintenance found a good home, now under the name Over Bored driven by Jamie Garner with an awesome new scheme:
  6. Danny H.

    RIP Dale Harris

    More sad news in the monster truck industry as Dale Harris has passed away today. This one honestly hits me a little bit more because although I never saw Dale live, I've always loved the look and quality of Casper. He was an underrated hero and may he be remembered for his legacy. Rest in...
  7. Danny H.

    Morgan Kane is now driving Iron Man A little bit surprised, but should be awesome to see! I wonder if that means Scott is going to be in a new ride (because if anyone is moving rides, it would more than likely be him) or a 3rd Iron Man (I hope not TBH)
  8. Danny H.

    Rob French & Kelly Carrington on the Amazing Race Well this should be interesting
  9. Danny H.

    JR flying the Young Gun Shootout flag at Soaring Eagle?

    Looking at photos from last weekend's show from Mt. Pleasant, I noticed JR McNeal was flying his Young Guns Shootout flag: (Photo courtesy of Paul Harry and TMB) Does anyone know why he was? Helps promote the truck perhaps?
  10. Danny H.

    Potential new Eradicator scheme?

    I was looking at the new 1:24 Eradicator that looks like this: It's similar to the design in the yearbook except white, yet the current scheme is this: Does anyone know if Andy has any current plans to go to this new scheme?
  11. Danny H.

    Bigfoot's going for it again.....

    Need I say more?
  12. Danny H.

    Darren Migues back with Bigfoot?

    From Bigfoot's Facebook page:
  13. Danny H.

    El Gato Volador and Malicious?

    Looking at the TMB results I saw two trucks I've never heard of El Gato Volador (The Flying Cat) and Malicious driven by Gabriel Montoya I was wondering if anyone had seen or has any footage or pics of these two trucks.
  14. Danny H.

    A question about Krazy Train

    Could someone tell me why Krazy Train was running with a Soviet flag back in Montreal in 2010?
  15. Danny H.

    RIP George Carpenter

    Per TheMonsterBlog Facebook: "All of us at were very saddened to hear of the passing of our friend George Carpenter today. George was one of the most innnovative and influential people ever to work in monster trucks, and his work in shaping this industry will not be...
  16. Danny H.

    What truck is this?

    I was looking through photos from WFVI when I saw this picture from the truck parade: What I want to know is what is the truck behind Grave Digger? It looks pretty similar to Gunslinger but the graphics appear to be different judging by the hood
  17. Danny H.

    Atlanta 2012 Thread

    I know there's some threads asking questions about this, but there hasn't been a thread to discuss the event itself. Who else is going? And does anyone have any predictions on who's going to win what? Me personally, Dennis has a good chance at a clean sweep with no Meents here. However his...
  18. Danny H.

    Paul Shafer Motorsports Knoxville Aug 5 & 6

    I saw on Outback Thunda's website that Paul Shafer Motorsports is going to be in Knoxville. Anyone got any info on rest of the lineup?
  19. Danny H.

    2Xtreme question

    I was on Team 2Xtreme's website and saw they were going to be at Dixie Speedway. It lists Iron Outlaw and Bounty Hunter; my question is, does anyone know who will be driving them? It lists another Bounty Hunter at another event that weekend as well.
  20. Danny H.

    Steve Simms vs. Jon Zimmer

    Alright, I've been thinking about this since Vegas, which in my opinion is the better of the two drivers, Jon Zimmer or Steve Simms? Both of them are big rising names in the monster truck industry and both have risen fast. I'll disregard Simms some because of the new chassis. This is no way to...