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  1. jeb134

    This is pretty cool Kristopher is 10 years old and shier than most boys his age. He is quiet, polite, and a very gentle spirit. Even though his reserved mannerisms, he beams with excitement anytime someone...
  2. jeb134

    How is this not on here? Tack is back! And he's driving this: Awesome news!
  3. jeb134

    Terminator photos

    Looking for some hi-res shots of Gary Schott's Terminator, if you have some, let me know, thanks!
  4. jeb134

    Truck needed August 6th in Nebraska

    For a one day show, call 940 255 1125 for more information.
  5. jeb134

    2 Race Trucks needed for Pasco, WA Mar 11-12

    CFP needs 2 race trucks for our Pasco, WA event this weekend. It's 3 shows, Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. Please contact Zane ([email protected]) if you are interested, thanks!
  6. jeb134

    Ride Truck needed in Sioux Falls

    THIS SATURDAY, CFP needs a ride truck in Sioux Falls, SD for 2 shows. Call the office (940) 683-4742 or PM me if you're interested.
  7. jeb134

    Want to race with CFP?

    We've got a spot open for our event February 5th in Loveland, CO. If you're interested, please PM me or get in touch with Zane. Thanks!
  8. jeb134

    New Bigfoot Bad Boy pics

    Anyone got any hi-res (500kb at least) pics of the new Bad Boy Bigfoot in action? If so, please e-mail me at [email protected]
  9. jeb134

    Promoter Related Race Truck and Ride Truck needed

    CFP needs a race truck for: Sioux Falls, SD on January 29th Loveland, CO on February 5th Casper, WY on February 12th We could work something out if it would work for a 2 truck team as well. If you're interested, PM me or contact Zane.
  10. jeb134

    Best looking new truck scheme

    With all of the either brand new or new-looking trucks, just want to see which ones everyone likes. *Edit-Added some more trucks and would change the poll to reflect that, but at this point it looks like the poll doesn't matter anyway Summit Bigfoot Bad Boy Bigfoot Rockstar Grave...
  11. jeb134

    Red Bluff 2010

    Was doing some searching and found this: Tom Meents and Pablo in Digger returning this year :eek: Solid 10 truck lineup, this show and Vegas are the highlights of my year, I'm definitely looking forward to it!!!
  12. jeb134

    My dog died today :(

    Taken yesterday Last week, my mom's German Shepherd, Zack, who I helped raise, train, and watched all the time when they are out of town, was acting a bit lethargic and wasn't eating so they took him to the vet on Tuesday. They found he had chronic bronchitis, an enlarged spleen and liver...
  13. jeb134

    Placer County Fair WGAS (?) show 6/26

    Anyone have any more information on this? I live about 5 miles from the fairgrounds and just found out there'll be monster trucks, tough trucks and tractor pulls there Saturday. All the fair website has is that Bounty Hunter will be there and a youtube video from a Chris Ariel show where Jimmy...
  14. jeb134

    Yuba City Outlaw Show this weekend

    Anyone know the lineup? And is it just one show or two like it has been in the past?
  15. jeb134

    Who have you met/like to meet from here?

    I'm always interested in who people actually meet from online forums, just wanted to see how many people from here people have met in person. I've met a few from the World Finals and from the area I'm in, for me: CaptainAwesome CaptainAwesomeJr JasonCA Lbcscannerguy Pablog32 crc1883...
  16. jeb134

    World Finals Freestyle Champion Runs

    I don't know about you guys, but I always like to watch all of the World Finals before going to Vegas each year, and it's always amazing to me to watch the evolution of the obstacles and the quality of run needed to win (plus the commentary). So here they all are if you want to watch them all...
  17. jeb134

    MustRead Gary Schott Jr. Motorsports NEW WEBSITE

    What better day than his birthday to launch his new website :cool: Check it out NOW, happy birthday Gary!
  18. jeb134

    Some stuff you guys might be interested in

    Here's my collection of monster truck stuff minus the 2 big ones I'm still looking for (and can't remember what they're called). If any of you are interested in some of this stuff, let me know. First we have the Matchbox Superchargers Mud boggers too The Monster Wars trucks in about as...
  19. jeb134

    Pastrana's New Year's Eve Stunt

    FMX - Practice Makes Perfect - ESPN This year he's planning on jumping onto a floating barge in Long Beach :eek:
  20. jeb134

    Redmond, OR WHR Monster Madness

    Anyone going to be there this weekend? Should be a cool show, Bounty Hunter, Iron Outlaw, Obsession, Maniac, and Jurassic Attack are supposed to be there along with tough trucks, and FMX.