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  1. monsterjamman24

    Un official Monster Jam points

    So this year I decided to do a "points series" where I created points payouts more in line iwth how other motorsports might go about it and have gone through results every week to track trucks/drivers and their overall performance . There are several sheets, One explaining how points are...
  2. monsterjamman24

    2015 4 link Nationals (Samson Race Shop)

    Since things are still a little slow around here I'll post this here as well. Bari recently held a grade A RC event at the home of the Samson Monster Truck. What a awesome venue for an event! Killer event. Over 200 entires, 125 alone in the clod class! Thanks to Axial, Proline, Bari, Eric...
  3. monsterjamman24

    Eldora Monster Jam Pictures!

    Was able to do my first event for Monster Jam this past weekend. I know this place has slowed down but ages ago I always thought when I saw people post images from events they got to do it would be a sweet deal, ages later I can confirm it is indeed a very sweet deal! Had a ton of fun! Thanks to...
  4. monsterjamman24

    More Monster Jam Dayton Ohio (Saturday Night) Pictures

    No power outages this time! Full Album:[email protected]/sets/72157650179219250/
  5. monsterjamman24

    More Monster Jam Dayton Ohio (Friday) Pictures

    Let me summarize.... Power went out (completely, no emergency lights, nothing), eventually the emergency generator kicks on, but only bare minimum lighting, No PA, lights, etc until intermission...The lights all start to come back on then promptly go back off and then begin tapering on again. To...
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    Indy Monster Jam Photos

    Some from my full album here:[email protected]/sets/72157650471503341/
  7. monsterjamman24

    Star Monster

    Does anyone have any pictures of the hood of this particular truck? I have a friend looking for some shots of the hood, but neither of our searches have turned up any sort of decent shot of the hood details. Thanks, Stephen
  8. monsterjamman24

    26th NR/CTPA Championships pictures

    Since this place is practically dead I'm placing this here rather than the RC section, if not mainly because I think some who never check that section might enjoy some of the pictures of retros or tractor pullers Had the pleasure of getting to attend the 26th annual NR/CTPA world...
  9. monsterjamman24

    Eldora 2014 Saturday Photos

    Just the highlights of my pictures from last night Full album here:
  10. monsterjamman24

    Indianapolis 2014 Pictures

    Heres some of my pictures from yesterday! Pit Party[email protected]/sets/72157640166328715/ Action![email protected]/sets/72157640183140404/ Teasers of each album, these are just some of my favorites. Enjoy! IMG_5294 IMG_5896...
  11. monsterjamman24

    Eldora Monster jam?

    Eldora Monster Jam Aug 2-3 Friday August 2nd ***All Seats General Admission - Free Camping*** One of the greatest truck lineups anywhere! Grave Digger driven by Dennis Anderson; Grave Digger Legend driven by Adam Anderson; Maximum Destruction...
  12. monsterjamman24

    Cameras (photos)

    So I have been looking to upgrade to a camera that takes better pictures. I'm not looking for the best just something for a amateur. Price wise i guess I'd be looking for something from a few years ago that i can pick up used for a decent price, so maybe something that was something pretty good...
  13. monsterjamman24

    New firetruck monster truck?

    Feld is doing a unveiling at the NYFD museum, light bar gives off what it is though, be interesting to see for sure, although I hope its not terribly similar to the slifkos backdraft. I will also get on my dead horse and say i hope its not a ford(being a GM guy) Only thing i hope would be that...
  14. monsterjamman24

    SIR T- Shirts

    Does SIR have any shirts for sale, I didnt see any on the site(a mech. section at that). Thanks Stephen
  15. monsterjamman24

    The new Wolverine

    Ive been out a while so I may have missed this topic, and I didnt find anything searching so....... All came from Marvel Monstergeddon's face book. Only problem I see is that its a ford lol
  16. monsterjamman24

    Feld 2012 dates

    Feld has been posting dates for 2012 and Ive seen some new thing with 2 shows at detriot and Indy possibly Jan 1-Dec 31, 2012(says the date hasn't been decided yet they post it on their site) If the date stays as is for indy would that mean Feld is going to try using the two day big show format...
  17. monsterjamman24

    Grave Digger 19 photos?

    Im looking for digger 19 photos with and without a body. Pictures with no sponsor plates are greatly appreciated, I really dont care if its from the first event or from this past weekend, so all photos are welcome. Thanks
  18. monsterjamman24

    Traxxas back in monster jam?

    Maybe i missed this but could this mean we get another maybe 1/10th scale shafty rc monster truck? May the Wheely King and Ground Pounder have competition lol Mods if this has already been discussed please delete
  19. monsterjamman24

    Manual Rear Steer?

    Was watching a video from indy(see video at the bottom) and they reference to manual rear steer. How can rear steer be manual? YouTube - goldberg moutaneer indy semi final 2000
  20. monsterjamman24

    Grave Digger experience truck

    I have a friend saying its digger 15, but from my knowledge it has always been 21. So which truck is it 15 or 21?