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  1. RebelReaper

    Caption This Reliant Stadium Show #2 Edition

    I haven't posted here in a good minute. I have some shots that I made myself proud of from this past weekend that I will try to get up tomorrow...until then Caption This!
  2. RebelReaper

    Caption This: July 10, 2011

    Presenting the New Even Newer! Strait Jacket *BELOW*
  3. RebelReaper

    Flag Series Help

    Does anyone by any chance have access to the following HotWheels Flag Series trucks? Driving School, Captain's Curse, High Roller, Batman, Avenger (BLUE), Superman, Jurrasic Attack, Grave Digger 25th (CHROME), TAZ I'm looking for these to complete my collection I would like these new in...
  4. RebelReaper

    Superdome Mega Thread

    Well I figured I would not have room to reply on the update thread so here's a new one. I have alot more pictures but here's some that stood out from the bunch. Also I have a few video's that I'll upload ASAP. I'd like to personally thank Brandon Lagarde for having a party for all the drivers...
  5. RebelReaper

    Amite, LA (pics coming soon)

    I just have to re size pics but I'll post a few later on. All I can say is what a weekend! 4 shows filled with good runs by all trucks (Wild Thang - Jeremy Shipman, Monster Patrol - David Brown Monkey N' Around - Steven Hill, Cult Energy Activator - Sean Duhon, and Bobo - Sudden Impact), some...
  6. RebelReaper

    Any bored photoshoppers out there?

    THis all stemmed off from an idea of me buying the Mammoth ride truck (jokingly although if I did have a shop in my yard it would have been sitting in it) but anyway can anyone for ***** and giggles photoshop a truck with a waffle house themed sponsorship? I was thinking an angry waffle...
  7. RebelReaper

    Baton Rouge LA River Center Results

    These are the results from Saturday's show. Afternoon: Wheelie Competition : I believe it was Safe Auto Racing Finals Safe Auto vs Bad News Winner: Bad News Donut Competition: Safe Auto Freestyle: Porter in Digger which IMO was bs and should have gone to Marc Mcdonald Night Show: Wheelie...
  8. RebelReaper

    BAton Rouge LA Roll Call

    I know of a few people going as of now, but is anyone else here going?
  9. RebelReaper

    Cajundome Lafayette, LA (Sat) photos

    Well its apparent my camera hates low light situations (Cajundome being one of the many) and I had a hit and miss experience Saturday. Got a few pics also have a good bit of videos maybe I'll post a few. Hers some of my better shots you can also check out some of my other ones in my...
  10. RebelReaper

    Bobo from SIR gets his flag in Beaumont!

    Thats right, Bobo driving Sudden Impact this weekend got his finals flag at a non sanctioned Monster Jam event! This is monster truck history folks. No driver has done this in all our history. I was privileged enough to take pictures of this moment. So without further adieu...
  11. RebelReaper

    Another New Orleans Superdome Picture Thread

    Heres the link to some of the pictures I took from the Superdome. If any of em are good enough to use for anything feel free to just give me credit please. MJ Superdome 09 pictures by Germster - Photobucket
  12. RebelReaper

    OT: 1/18 Losi Ramunition HelP?

    well I finally splurged and bought a 1/18 Raminator off ebay. It was new in box I unpacked everything. I was just running it and noticed the back right wheel is wobbling bad. Anyone have this truck have any ideas? Is something messed up or do they tend to do this?
  13. RebelReaper

    Looking for 1/18 Team Losi Raminator RC

    Anyone have a 1/18 Losi Raminator or Rammunition for sale by any chance? Looks like the dealership I work for is turning into RC central lol. e-mail me or pm me here. [email protected]
  14. RebelReaper

    Zip Zaps Monster Truck

    If anyone has a monster truck zip zaps for sale send me an e-mail. [email protected] Boredom has set in at our new dealership and I need a new toy lol.
  15. RebelReaper

    A-1 Raceway Crazy Saturday Night

    Clear skies aside from smoke and dirt. I also found out upon arrival that Friday nights event was rescheduled for today (sunday) at 2 o'clock. I would have spent the night if I would have known. I took pics the best way I could, in the stands the lighting pretty much sucked. Anyway...
  16. RebelReaper

    SMTS Amite, LA Photo and Video Thread

    Well I know a few people have pictures to post so I say we put everything on a new thread :cool: I FINALLY got my pics onto photobucket. After 3 hrs of trying with my stupid cable connection here they are. Sample pics below and you can link to my photobucket here for Saturday night Amite...
  17. RebelReaper

    Sudden Impact Ride Truck Lafayette, LA

    Well me and my girlfriend went check out the SI ride truck at Ranch Outlet in Lafayette. My intentions were to go check out Bigfoot 10 after but I much rather the time I had there. I got to meet David and Paul who are extremely nice guys. I was actually able to help with loading the truck...
  18. RebelReaper

    Superdome Pit Passes?

    Anyone have a way I can obtain 6 of these before saturday or saturday? I just read they are charging 5 bucks to get in without one and I really dont feel like looking around new orleans for a ford dealership lol.