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  1. Cale Putnam

    Bigfoot Strikes Again music...played live (!)

    So here's an odd one: Mark Shreeve is the composer of the production music albums Oracle and Energy Fountain, the two main sources of music for Bigfoot Strikes Again. Turns out, he was actually something of a well regarded electronic artist in the UK, and a few of those tracks have origins in...
  2. Cale Putnam

    FWIW, working on a new MTM2 project

    It's in an early stage yet, but I'm tentatively calling these "SS" (for Super Stock) trucks. The basic idea is more accurately modeled stock trucks, with painted frames to keep the trucks within the vertex limits the game has. Just something to try to bring some life back into the game...
  3. Cale Putnam

    2015 MJ first wave...get ready for "Battle Slammers"
  4. Cale Putnam

    SEMA 2015 - Digger on BKTs

    From Hot Rod Magazine: The new tires almost look like toy versions of monster truck tires. Also a photo of the Odyssey Bigfoot in the link.
  5. Cale Putnam

    So I can't tell you why you need to shop the BS24 tomorrow...

    But, I'm just saying, you should take a look at it starting at 10PM on August 4th ;)
  6. Cale Putnam

    LivingSocial deal for Gillette Stadium
  7. Cale Putnam

    I wish I had MavTV...Dennis Anderson on the Dave Despain Show this Friday
  8. Cale Putnam

    Autoweek on Monster Jam They also link back here in the article, which I find amusing. It's an amazing read though.
  9. Cale Putnam

    So Bigfoot has an IndyCar now And I made an entire new post just to say AWESOME.
  10. Cale Putnam

    Off-Topic Red Bull Frozen Rush 2014

    So while Brian Deegan is in Metal Mulisha this weekend, Todd LeDuc was up in Maine today at Sunday River for Red Bull Frozen Rush. Pro4 trucks, in the snow, on a ski slope. I decided I simply couldn't miss it and drove up after spending the night near Lewiston. What an amazing show - they...
  11. Cale Putnam

    Some new 2014 looks

    I was pleasantly surprised to see Hurricane Force now sporting a Ford body in Manchester. Always happier to have my art on Blue Oval products :-) Storm Damage is still a Chevy but has been updated slightly with some EPIC airbrush detailing in the front clip... And finally, yes, it's...
  12. Cale Putnam

    Monster Rods Hill Bully on eBay $75!!!!! But, then again, you rarely (if ever) see these come up. Wish I had hung onto my Bearly Tame, didn't quite realize what I had.
  13. Cale Putnam

    A day late, but the annual Monster Mayhem "What Did You Get for Christmas?" thread!

    No monster stuff for me this year, but a nice parka, a sweet 1/64th diecast display case, a Graham Rahal crew jersey, some sweaters, Sonic the Hedgehog custom artwork, and snowshoes. A good one, indeed.
  14. Cale Putnam

    CRUSH EVERYTHING! New t-shirt available for 3 days only on Blipshift!

    Once more, I've hooked up with the fine folks at Blipshift for another piece of wearable artwork to show your pride as a monster truck fan. Blipshift's motto is "Apex Everything", but we all know that there are times when to get what you need, you gotta CRUSH everything! This shirt will be...
  15. Cale Putnam

    First 2014 1/64 HW release...

    Only "new" trucks are the updated Batman and Edge Glow Son Uva Digger. Dunno about the figures:
  16. Cale Putnam

    2013 SEMA Show this week

    Like Digger last year, Max D has gotten the full SpectraChrome treatment and is in their booth: Bigfoot is also at the Firestone booth, as their FB page shows ( Hopefully more trucks pop up as the week goes on.
  17. Cale Putnam

    Monsters coming back to Portland, ME this spring Been looking for an excuse to head up there. Wonder what promoter it is...
  18. Cale Putnam

    Feld consolidates into massive Florida facility Make sure you watch the video and look at the photo gallery as well. Makes a lot of sense from a business standpoint as all their properties will be organized now under one roof. No idea what this might mean for Digger's...
  19. Cale Putnam

    Crowdsourcing for another BlipShift T-shirt!

    I'm excited to say that BlipShift has approached me again about doing another t-shirt! Since you guys would be the potential customers, I'd like to hear from you what types of shirt designs you'd like to see. Themes, slogans, imagery, whatever. The one rule is that it should be something that...
  20. Cale Putnam

    The unreleased SNES version of Monster Truck Wars If anyone wants to Google Translate the French, feel free. Looks like the game was to use Mode 7 scrolling in the Mario Kart/F-Zero vein. Looks cool in the screenshots but I suspect might have had a limited shelf-life. Still...