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    FELD has really messed up this time

    Disappointed at FELD for splitting the main FS1 Championship series into east and west. If you already have a points series going why change it? From what I have been reading, what we're going to see on TV this year is going to be like watching Inside Monster Jam in the 90s. I don't get why they...
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    Astrodome/NRG history DVD

    This past February, I e-mailed Feld Motorsports and gave them an idea: a two DVD set of monster trucks in Houston starting with the first races in the Astrodome all the way to the action at Reliant Stadium . All they'd have to do is edit out Bigfoot and Snakebite and with all the non televised...
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    Question about Monster Jam shows in arenas

    Why is it that in some of the Monster Jams held in the arenas, they have what they call "speed and skill" instead of qualifying and head to head racing? This isn't the 1980s, Feld. I think they should go back to traditional straight line racing in arenas with the freestyle, wheelie and donut...
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    Question about Suddem Impact Racing

    I wonder why Sudden Impact got rid of the Excaliber and Michigan Ice Monster bodies? Was it copyright issues?
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    Feld should recycle old bodies

    Remember how Feld took the old Iron Man and Captain America bodies and turned it into Alien Invasion and a reborn Carolina Crusher truck? I think Feld should do the same with the other former Marvel trucks. I think next year they could re-paint the old Wolverine truck into Ninja Blade (remember...
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    Articles in the MJ Souvenr Yearbooks

    Remember when the MJ souvenir yearbooks would have articles on a certain truck, usually two? 1997 one had features on Boogey Van and Monster Patrol 1998 had a story on Wild Thang 1999 - Feature on Grave Digger 2000 - One page essays on Airborne Ranger, Samson 2001 - Feature on Goldberg...
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    Where are these trucks from?

    I would like to know what state these Monsters are from. Jester Quad Chaos Big Cheif Hooligan Nitro Menace Midnight Rider
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    Question regarding who goes to Vegas

    How do the trucks that are not part of the FOX 1 Championship Series or the MoreMonster Jam system get invited to compete at the world finals? Is there a secret points system or is it a blind draw?
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    Trophy truck bodies

    Why are so many drivers using these trophy truck bodies instead of a standard F-150/Silverado body? That seems like the latest trend. Are they cheaper to mold or something?
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    King Krunch and Ntro Hornet

    Did David Smith sell King Krunch and Notro Hornet? They're not in the 2015 MJ yearbook so I wonder what happened to them.
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    Your thoughts on the first televised show

    I just got through watching the show from Houston and I thought to myself, "Must they edit this stuff like this?" I thought every truck that was attendance would get TV coverage in some fashion. I understand how the point system works but I was really surprised to see just one race from round...
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    Truck Related Trucks that seldom rolled

    Besides Raminator, I wanted to list some monster trucks that seldom flipped when I saw them on TV Bear Foot (especially when it was a Dodge Ram) Reptoid Gun Slinger Survivor Predator Cyborg Sudden Impact (the blue version) Equalizer Taurus Nitemare WV Mountaineer Monster...
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    John Seasock

    Did John Seasock hang up his helmet after this season? I did not see the Batman car on Fox Sports 1 that much.
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    Bigfoot question

    When did Bigfoot's contract expire with Ford Motor Company? I don't recall reading anything about it. And I'm just asking.
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    Non-Competing Trucks at the Pit Party at WF15

    Other than Blue Thunder, Time Flys, Wild Rose, Airborne Ranger and Scorpion (the one that belongs to Wildfire Motorsports), what other non-competing trucks appeared at the pit party at WFXV? Feld's website doesn't show all of them in their photo galleries.
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    Buffalo Tremor question

    Why did Johnny K's Buffalo Tremor II not have a hood? I was watching it race the other day, and I just wondered why it had no hood.
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    Best spooky monster truck

    Since it's All Hallow's Eve, what is the best creepy monster truck? 1. Zombie 2. Team Bigfoot's old Dungeon of Doom/The Outsiders/Dr. Bones 3. Wild Thang/Ozz Monster 4. Grave Digger
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    Top 100 Monster Trucks of all time

    The Top 100 Monster Trucks of all Time 100. Zombie 99. Cyborg 98. Martial Law 97. Wildfire 96. Dragon's Breath 95. Rock Star 94. Towasaurus Wrex 93. Magnum Force 92. Backdraft 91. American Guardian 90. War Wagon 89. Brutus 88. Super Pete 87. California Kid 86. Rammunition 85...
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    Crush cars - why did they vanish?

    I don't understand why Feld stopped putting crushed cars on the track after the finish line jump. I wonder if it's because it costs too much money for them to obtain six cars from a local junkyard. I first noticed this at WFXI, and it doesn't make sense to see the monsters getting air over...
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    Grave Digger 30th anniversary Paint Scheme

    For its 30th anniversary, I think the paint scheme should stay the same - except for the tombstones. One side should have the names of the current trucks (Max D, Bounty Hunter, Avenger, El Toro, etc), while the other side, the classic trucks (Awesome Kong, USA-1, Equalizer, Bear Foot, No...