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    Questtion about Miami Results

    I was reviewing the results for Miami and I am totally confused about the new format. The qualified there but did not take the top 8 unless the results are not right. According to the qualifying times top 8 should've been 1) Adam Anderson 2) Nicole Johnson 3) Lee O' Donnell 4) Pablo Huffaker...
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    Excel Uploads

    Is it possible to upload Excel spreadsheets to the message board?
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    El Toro Loco

    Does anyone know if there will be different colored El Toro Loco?
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    Support Events

    So guys what's the best support events for a monster truck show?
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    MTRA questions

    I was reading over the MTRA rule book and some of the guidelines. First of all, I am curious, are there any promoters who aren't MTRA members, or at leasr is there a list of the ones who are? Secondly, is there a list of MTRA licensed drivers or compliant trucks that gets periodically updated...
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    Taurus 3/American Dream

    I know that Taurus 3 became American Dream. After that, I have no clue. Where's it at today?
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    Kellogg Arena - Battle Creek, MI

    I was wondering if this arena could host an 8 truck monster truck show in most people's opinion. The link is a picture of the floor of the arena.
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    questions pertaining to Promoting

    I have a few questions about the promoting side of the business. First, how much insurance should a promoter get for a show and what companies will unsure a monster truck event? Also, would such insurance be classified as surplus lines insurance? Next, is it more customary for the venue to...
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    lethal weapon

    What's the latest with this truck. I saw that their Facebook and website haven't seen any new updates since January.
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    I was looking at dates for Monster Jam next year and there isn't a single Tennessee show. Last year, Nashville, Knoxville, and Memphis all had events. Could they still add more venues?
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    Two things of note.

    on a face book group page I saw that Illuminator is for sale. Looks like Jay and his son are getting out of the business. Secondly, I saw results from feld's show in Mexico City. Was this Colton Eichelberger's first event ever?
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    VA Giant

    Heard Diehl Wilson sold the truck and will run one more year before retiring. Can anyone confirm this?
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    images needed for a custom

    I want to attempt my first custom. I plan on making a spare Grave Digger into Identity Theft. Since they are similar this shouldn't be too hard and more importantly, I am doing it because I know it will never get a die-cast. My plan is to paint it over in black and then use decal paper to do the...
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    Throwdown for what.

    Anyone interested in meeting up st the Monster Truck Throwdown show October 4th st Berlin Raceway in Michigan?
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    Whatever happened to.....
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    I had a few questions about venues that host monster truck events. First, since Sun Life Stadium (Miami) is grass, how do the host monster jam events without damaging the playing field? I was under the impression that only artificial turf venues hosted. Secondly, other than some fairgrounds...
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    Guesses for Next year's hotwheels

    I was trying to come up with some of next year's releases. Obviously Ice cream man. Beyond that, I'm thinking El Diablo, Heavy Hitter would look good on the new pick up tool, Possibly xtermigator, River Rat would be easy on the Willy's, and Wild Flower could be done on the Time Flys tool, maybe...
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    Razin' Kane Monster Trucks

    Hey guys, I was at Monster Madness 5 at Soaring Eagle Casino and got a chance to talk to J.R. McNeal and Roy. J.R. confirmed that the team is building a 3rd truck and that there has been negotiations regarding a Xtermigator hotwheels. In addition Roy mentioned that Hot Wheels had showed the team...
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    Monster Truck Maddness

    Hi guys, so I went to my first Monster Throwdown event. I have been to several Monster Jam shows but, let me say this independent promotion did a magnificent job. First of, the pit party was easily accessible, as were all the drivers. Secondly, the course was huge and looked pretty challenging...
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    Bigfoot Stunt Stadium

    I just picked one up today however, I may need to pick up another so that I can have 2 even racing lanes. If I do, would anyone be interested in trading me something for the 2 trucks it comes with?