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    2 rockwell 106 housings and pie pans for sale

    still have pie pans for sale .need them gone. trying to finish up my truck..
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    2 rockwell 106 housings and pie pans for sale

    housings are sold. still need pie pans gone . give me a call thanks for looking
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    2 rockwell 106 housings and pie pans for sale

    I have 2 106 housings with clark flanges with tie rods (no difs) $ 750 for both i believe they are off the old screamin demon truck Also still have 4 pie pan corners left. $ 500 per corner need them gone. 785-650-7927 serius inquiries only
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    106 housings with clark flanges and pettibone planets for sale

    i have 2 rockwell 106 housings with clark ends and one has a 580 ratio in it as i was told . heavy tie rod ends for them as well with a couple clark knuckles. 4 pie pan pettibone corners left. if interested give me a call at 785-650-7927. thanks
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    pettibones out of nasty boy for sale

    Just passing on what he told me in Colby ks in August when I took him some clark parts. If you are looking for clarks , pie pans or ps115 I have them right now. not to many people run that style of pettibone you have.
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    Screamin demon monster truck

    Thanks I beleive i have parts coming from your place that Aaron out of oklahoma got from you. He said axle housings and tires and wheels.
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    pettibones out of nasty boy for sale

    Talked to Sammy and all his pettibone stuff is for sale ( converting everything to clarks) He is pulling out nasty boys axles so if any body is interested give him a call.
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    For Sale set of pie pans for sale, las vegas area

    Hey sean hope things are going well. still dont have truck put together. you should be able to get 500 to 650 a end all day long for your pie pans.
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    Screamin demon monster truck

    Does anybody know when they sold the truck if the trailer sold to or is it maybe for sale. Thank you for any information. It looked like a very nice trailer and I am looking for a good monster truck ready trailer that is not junked out or a broken old trailer.
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    Need Wheels for 5 Tons!

    where are you located ? I know where there is a bunch of tires off of 5 ton military trucks call me at 785-650-7927 if I can help
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    For Sale airdog diesel chassis for sale

    Thanks Sean . I purchased the chassis from Sean .
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    pie pans for sale

    I have 13 corners laying in western pa. They were cut out of cranes. I dont deal much with the pettibone stuff but if interested they are 525 each. call 785-650-7927.
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    Truck Related Wanted - military pancake style Pettibones

    I do believe I found 2 forklifts with the planets you have. call me at 785-650-7927. I can set you up with 8 virgin ends.
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    Truck Related Wanted - military pancake style Pettibones

    They look like the ones Fatal Attraction run. I sold him some spares. There not a pie pan but stick out like a Clark. Sam sturges also runs them might give them guys a call. they come off 1980's pettibone lifts. Alot of them were cut up when the iron price was so high but ocassionally you will...
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    Pettibone Pie Pans foe sale

    Pettibones are sold and picked up. Thanks for looking.
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    Pettibone Pie Pans foe sale

    I came across 4 ends . 500.00 each. need them gone. Only have 4 clark ends left also 785-650-7927 Thanks Mark See everybody in Vegas
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    Clarks for sale

    I have 24 ends for sale. with 4 more coming. Any teams need spares for 1st quarter call 785-650-7927. Also know of some pie pan pettibones on eastern USA in PA. everybody have a safe holiday season. Thank the man above for your health and family. Mark
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    Roadhouse remake

    I got a call about a month ago for planetarys for 12 trucks for a movie that will be filmed in Canada. Dont know what movie but I am so glad monster trucks are getting back in the movies. Also the guy that called me was on the set of Fast and furious 7.
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    Truck Related Military pettibone style planetarys ?

    Got 2 complete PS115 axles out of military pettibone forklift 785-650-7927 Also Clarks if he wants
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    Terry Woodcock Coming back

    Terry picking up axles later tonight and said he ordered Cyclops body from GTS and it will be the original 1970 chevy body. How awesome is that. Going old school look