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    Looking for parts

    Anyone got a 12-18" drop standard rotation transfer case? Profab , Scs , cyclone. It don't matter the brand just need one responsibly priced for a project. Thanks guys
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    TV stuff

    So was any of the monster jam shows that were NOT the stadium tour broadcast on TV this year? If so does any know what was aired and when. Thanks guys
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    Trucks for sale

    So I was looking on racing junk an noticed a lot of monster trucks for sale. Some new ones an old ones So I'm trying to make a list of all the ones for sale. Illuminator Twisted dragon Scorpion Rislone defender *** W V mountaineer Quadzilla Who els
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    Orlando show

    Anyone got the orlando show recorded or can tell me where to go to watch it? Also what channel is it now on direct tv to watch MJ. I cant find the fox sports channel.
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    To everyone that said it "Couldn't be done"

    I have been a member of this board now for about 7 years an i have had my rants an raves an i have shared info when people asked but for the most part i try to use this forum for information on the industry an kinda keep up with what' going on. Over the years there is one post that has been...
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    Looking for 106 housings

    Hey guys im hunting 2 stock 106 housings any body got some give me a call please 2292697798
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    clarks for sale

    hey guys I got a set of clarks this week I want to sell its four complete corners all for 5k$ that's only 1250 each let me know if anyone is interested.
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    Looking for some parts

    Hey guys I am looking for some coilovers something in an 18" length an a standard rotation transfer case. Profab scs whatever brand around a 16-18" drop. Let me know if anyone has anything resonably priced. Thanks
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    Jet powered monster truck

    Cant believe i havent seen a post about this yet But trucks by trotter down in florida built a jet powered monster truck there is pics of it on thier facebook page i will try to post one soon
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    For Sale Monster truck chassis

    Hey guys im selling the old strait jacket chassis an four link bars. It is just the main frame down no top half. We were going to put a new top half an use it again but we are going in a different direction with the second truck. I will sell the chassis an four links for 3500.00. I also have...
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    Mega mud truck / mini monster truck project

    Hey guys I have a chassis (main frame down) rear engine set up ,four link bars , one steer one strait small planetery rearends, four 48x31.00-20 tires an rims lugged for the rearends an a 08 f250 ext cab fiberglass body It will make a great mega truck or mini monster if somone is looking to...
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    Direct tv comercial

    Just saw the direct tv comercial with the monster truck in it anwas wandering who's truck it was. Pretty cool comercial
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    Looking for a tech official

    Hey guys im trying to find someone that is a tech for monster jam and mtra down in my area. The new truck is going out for power coat next week an i want to find a tech that can come by an check it out to make sure its all good before we get it powder coated PM me or call me if you are in the...
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    Shock weight

    Without haveing to pull one of my shocks off the truck, does anyone know what a standard comb shock weighs? Im trying to figure out some shipping an need to know the weight
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    Looking for some info on 5 ton stuff

    Hey guys im trying to find a set of 5 ton housings that have been shortened. I need two bare housings that have been shortened. Any info would be helpful
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    Monster Truck trailer for sale

    Hey guys I am putting my trailer up for sale. Its a 42 foot single drop trailer. It has a big double door on the driver side and a 4 ft door on curb side. the back door it hydraulic and folds down to serve as the ramp to load up with. Front of trailer has cabinets an counters on both sides...
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    Houseings for sale

    I have two new houseings for sale set up for clarks. They are 45" wide all the four link tabs an D rings are on they are ready to go. Also 4 clark spindles and 4 axles I run rockwells so these need to go. Let me know if your intrested.
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    new Strait Jacket

    hey guys!! I am proud to say that as of this past Tuesday we officially became a 2 truck team. We have a brand new chassis in the shop that we are putting together that will be the all new strait Jacket. It will continue to run the old school 79' crew cab body but it will be all fiberglass not...
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    Lonestar Monster Nationals May 18-19 results

    Line up Strait Jacket Monkey'n Around Outtacontrol Heavy Hitter River Rat Friday Wheelies Strait Jacket Racing Heavy Hitter Freestyle Heavy Hitter Saturday Wheelies Strait Jacket Racing Heavy Hitter Freestyle...