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  1. isonater911

    Jet powered monster truck

    Kevin asked me to upload this picture for him of the jet truck. Here it be.
  2. isonater911

    Who won Beaumont 98?

    That is what I remember too Paul.
  3. isonater911

    Bigfoot 1 replica spotted at Cruisin the Coast

    Guess I know where I am going next year!
  4. isonater911

    Info *Official* Southern Sunshine Thread

    Glenn-o I am soo proud that they are staying put. I was happy at first that others would be able to experience what we have got to experience the past couple years, but then in the back of my head I always had some sadness that this part of the ride was going to be over. Now with this new...
  5. isonater911

    Crowdsourcing for another BlipShift T-shirt!

    I am also for the old school cheesy 80's sayings that were monster truck related. I bought the Sunday, Sunday, Sunday shirt, and would totally buy another funny monster truck themed one brotha.
  6. isonater911

    Info *Official* Southern Sunshine Thread

    Glenn, selling the shop with the rest of the land was the best chance of being able to sell the old dealership and not just sit on it. I know the trucks will be safe where ever you decide their new home will be. I just know that I am about 100% sure the trucks will never not be a part of the...
  7. isonater911

    Info Indianapolis 1986 Jamboree

    Depends what the date was for the Jambo..Mart MAY have been there with Southern Sunshine. For sure he was there in 85.
  8. isonater911

    MustRead Houston Jump Contest Questions

    At some point Bennett was there with Clydesdale..he told me he won the jump off.
  9. isonater911

    looking for a team to crew/drive for

    I met Justin in Amite, LA this month, and I will back up that Justin is a cool guy, who cares about how his equipment looks. He would make a great team player for a team.
  10. isonater911

    Promoter Related Can you compete with Larry Quick and Paul Strong? We should talk business then.

    I was "behind the scenes" with both Paul and Larry earlier this first quarter in Monroe, and if being unprofessional means Larry was asking if any one needed a hand and teaching me things, and Paul was talking about how he couldn't wait to be a dad again and telling me about his girls and...
  11. isonater911

    Truck Related "Cardiac Arrest" & "Heart Attack" Monster Trucks

    Cardiac Arrest is the name SIR is running. Its pretty much a sponsorship thing I believe, the name of one of the offshore power boats Brandon has his hands on is called Cardiac Arrest.
  12. isonater911

    history of 66in goodyears and firestones?

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Full cleats!!
  13. isonater911

    Monster truck conspiracy theory's

    Why does it seem that when Rick Long came on the scene, Kenny Rogers disappeared from the public eye?
  14. isonater911

    dear Sean Duhon

    Wait did I just read that Sean is getting a Facebook? OMG I can't wait for Nesiah to hack it! and yes Dallas is correct..Sean is the most greatest in the entire world!
  15. isonater911

    Info *Official* Southern Sunshine Thread

    THAT IS AWESOME!!! Before you wear it though, I would like to get a really good detailed picture of it. I am sure the design is bigger on it than the kids shirts so that means if we ever make some old school ones again..we have a decent sized design to go off of.
  16. isonater911

    What kind of foods do monster truck drivers eat?

    Waffle Houses, or any local place if there is time during the day.
  17. isonater911

    Info *Official* Southern Sunshine Thread

    thanks buddy, glad to know Kevin still has the SSR stickers on the new truck. We are about maybe 3 to 3.5 hours west of NOLA. I am speaking for Glenn when I say we would LOVE for you guys to stop in and visit. I will do my best to work on getting some new pictures up, but we haven't really done...
  18. isonater911

    Info *Official* Southern Sunshine Thread

    I am honestly glad you made that decision Glenno, I have always been timid about it myself. BTW, Glenn and I ARE NOT keepers of a dream....WE ALL ARE keepers of Marts dream. Weather it be helping out on the truck, listening to our stories, looking at our pictures, or just keeping up with us here...
  19. isonater911

    Info *Official* Southern Sunshine Thread

    Sorry for the lack of updates, we haven't been doing too much at the shop as of late but here is the run down. Currently we are updating the braking system on both trucks to a disk brake setup like most trucks. Though it isn't originally what the trucks had, we feel that in this day and age we...
  20. isonater911

    For Sale 3 days only on! Exlcusive "Sunday!" t-shirt!

    I gots me one, and I hope you keep making more bud.