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  1. Kouvre

    Truck Related The MTRA and leaf springs

    Are elliptical leaf springs still an allowable suspension type for a truck to be MTRA race certified? I know it may sound like a dumb question to some, but in light of recent events a ban on their usage for race vehicles is a step that needs to be taken, if it hasn't been taken already. I would...
  2. Kouvre

    Truck Related The (short-term) future of weight and weight limits

    As it currently stands, the MTRA weight limit for a monster truck is 9,000 lbs. Monster Jam's weight limit, at least according to the Feld Motorsports website, appears to be the same. It seems as if major truck developments came to a screeching halt in the mid-to-late-90s and hasn't budged...
  3. Kouvre

    Dave Marquart Excaliber ownership question

    How long did Dave own the name?
  4. Kouvre

    Great Jim Harbuck news

    For those who don't know, Jim Harbuck had been dealing with cancer recently. I am happy to report that Paula Harbuck just posted on her Facebook that he is now cancer free.
  5. Kouvre

    Ford reintroduces '65 Mustang body, '66 Bronco may be next If they bring back the Bronco body I may seriously consider buying one. Helloooo pro stadium truck!
  6. Kouvre

    Sgt. Slaughter/USHRA collaboration writeup on With Leather Fun little article, and shockingly no redneck references!
  7. Kouvre

    Raptor 48" tired truck

    What happened to this truck after Andy Slifko bought it? I know briefly ran as ...And More but beyond that one show I've never heard any more about it.
  8. Kouvre

    Traxxas Stampede saves six US soldiers' lives in Afghanistan Monster Jam posted it on their Facebook, just thought I'd post it here. Now if we could just get ABC News to spell the company's name correctly...
  9. Kouvre

    Truck Related Bigfoot 5 tire brand?

    If this has been asked before, I apologize in advance, as I didn't really see anything come up in the search. I was just looking at the framed Bigfoot 5 picture and realized I've never asked anyone if the tundra tires on the truck were actually made by Firestone. Is this the case? Or did...
  10. Kouvre

    GM will bring back the El Camino if 100k people comment on this Jalopnik post GO. NOW.
  11. Kouvre

    The infamous Bearfoot Volvo commercial

    Does anyone have this commercial ANYWHERE on the web? I can't find it. For those that don't know the background, this was an ad that premiered in 1990 in which Bearfoot rolled over a line of cars, including a Volvo. The Volvo survived the crush without any damage. It was later revealed...
  12. Kouvre

    Ford Ranger leafer on ebay Anyone have any idea if this is just someone's homebuilt joy, or a previous competition truck? I was thinking it might have been Lon Ranger at first, but forgot it...
  13. Kouvre

    Calling all MTM2 players one last time! All the details you need are right there in that link. Simply put, I'd like to do one last big MTM2 event in February or March of 2011, considering most people have moved on to other games. If you have interest I strongly encourage you to sign up...
  14. Kouvre

    Shocker appears in Dodge Journey commercial

    Just saw this commercial last night while watching the MLB playoff game. YouTube - Dodge Journey | Monster Truck | Commercial
  15. Kouvre

    Time to part with my tape collection

    After having some of these tapes for over 20 years, it is time for me to part ways with my VHS collection, and eventually my 16-year-old VCR. I know that there is interest from the community for tapes, so I am going to go ahead and field offers for the commercial tapes I have if there is...
  16. Kouvre

    Patrick Chassis ride truck?

    Did this truck ever start doing shows? I remember seeing it when Dan had finished building it and it looked awesome.
  17. Kouvre

    Best looking truck of all time?

    I figured I'd ask this question in this forum since modern-day trucks that are truly a work of art are the exception rather than the rule. What do you think the best looking monster of all time has ever been? Perhaps as a California native and a Chevy fan I am a little biased, but I personally...
  18. Kouvre

    Columbia Icefield Ice Explorers I want to ride one!
  19. Kouvre

    Truck Related Brakes

    What type of braking systems are most common on trucks nowadays? I've heard about both driveshaft and differential brakes, but what are the pros and cons of each? Enlighten me. :D
  20. Kouvre

    What Fred Shafer is up to nowadays

    Fred Shafer Custom Homes Glad to see he's still keeping busy!