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  1. tazfan17

    New Monster Mutt Rottweiler for 2014 Look awesome!!
  2. tazfan17

    Official 2014 Monster Jam Line-Up Thread

    With the season starting up in a month in a half the line ups are sure to be announced sometime very soon. We will use this thread to post all information about the line ups, give our opinions and talk about what we expect from each show.
  3. tazfan17

    UTI Questions

    Hey guys! Im going into my senior year of high school so that means I got to decide on college soon. So I have some questions about the advantage of going to UTI. I take automotive tech at my high school and I do very well in it. So where Im trying to get with this is it is my dream to become a...
  4. tazfan17

    What ever happened to Wild Hair?

    Used to love that truck along with Jason Witte. Seemed like he was going good then just disappeared.
  5. tazfan17

    What is your dream show?

    One day a promoter comes up to you and says "You put on a show for me please." Your initial thought is what the heck? Who is this guy. Then he proceeds to tell you that you can have a show of your dreams, any venue, a lineup that can include FELD and Indy's, any time of the year, you design the...
  6. tazfan17

    Official World Finals XIV Thread

    With the World Finals starting this weekend I figured this thread will be needed sooner or later. This thread can be predictions, track pictures, any news before the show and of course a results page. Am I the only one that is kinda freaked out that the show has crept up on us so fast??
  7. tazfan17

    Pontiac 2001

    Does anyone have footage of Eldon DePew's run in Bulldozer? The run where he came straight out of the pits and LAUNCHED the truck off the bus stack and nose dived.
  8. tazfan17

    Truck Displays?

    I was thinking about going to see Max D in Plant City this friday and I was wondering, is the driver usually at the displays? Like if I go would Tom be there for pictures and autograph signing? Thanks for the help!
  9. tazfan17

    World Finals Flags?

    Are they giving them out this year? Whats the deal on how they will invite everyone?
  10. tazfan17

    Official 1/19/2013 Tampa Thread

    USHRA Monster Trucks Grave Digger? driven by Dennis Anderson, Max-D℠ driven by Tom Meents, Son-Uva Digger?, El Toro Loco? (Black) driven by Marc Mcdonald, Advance Auto Parts Grinder℠ driven by Frank Krmel, Monster Mutt? Rottweiler driven by Rod Schmidt, Iron Man? driven by Morgan Kane, Stone...
  11. tazfan17

    New Hot Wheels Driver

    According to Monster Jams website, Scott Beutow is now driving Hot Wheels
  12. tazfan17

    World Finals XIII Racing Bracket Thread

    Thought it would be cool for everyone to post their predictions on here!
  13. tazfan17

    New Razin Kane Wrap? looks sweet i love it
  14. tazfan17

    Favorite Freestlyer to Watch

    Who is your favorite driver to watch freestyle?
  15. tazfan17

    Favorite Grave Digger of All Time?

    Hey guys! With the 30th anniversary of Grave Digger i thought this would be a cool thread. Everyone feel free to put pictures, videos, heck even some of your favorite memories of your favorite Digger truck. My Favorite- Grave Digger 7 grave digger atlanta 2000 - YouTube
  16. tazfan17

    Official Charlotte 2011 Thread

    Really pumped for this event, its the best non-feld event of the year imo. WHo all's goin this year Line-up is good this year ‎1. Avenger 2. Brutus 3. Equalizer 4. Hot Tamale 5. Samson 6. Mopar Magic 7. Stone Crusher 8. War Wizard 9. Higher Education 10. Circle K Thirst Buster...
  17. tazfan17

    Favorite Moments of 2011 Season

    Hey guys, Just thought i'd make a thread on everyones favorite moments of FELD's 2011 season. Feel free to post any pictures/videos of your favorites
  18. tazfan17

    World Finals 12 Results and Pictures/Videos

    Nobodys open a thread yet for results and pictures/videos so i guess i'll open it.
  19. tazfan17

    Lindsey Weenk and Jimmy Creten?

    I was watching the WFX DVD today and after Jimmy and Lindsey raced, Lindsey said something like Jimmy said some things that didnt sit well so it was good to beat him. Anybody know why they dont like each other?
  20. tazfan17

    Dream Truck

    Alright if you could have a dream truck what would the following be? Body Type Paint Scheme Truck Name Team Mates Which Promoters you would run for