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  1. carcrusher

    MTRA Fuel Testing

    This came up in discussion on one of the facebook groups - did anything ever come of this? Maybe one of the MTRA Guys (Marty and others) can comment on what the results were once everything was tested?
  2. carcrusher

    Off-Topic Greatest/Favorite Stunts and Thrill Acts

    With the new History Channel show "American Daredevils," I have been watching videos of stunts for about 2 hours now on Youtube. Monster truck events frequently (less frequently nowadays) feature stunts and thrill acts, and it prompts the question: What is your favorite stunt? In my opinion...
  3. carcrusher

    Hall of Fame Posters for Sale - 2011 and 2012

    As far as I know, these are the first posters I've seen go on sale from the first two years of the International Monster Truck Museum and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Both posters are mint with no rips, tears or folds. These posters were available only to the attendees of the ceremony and...
  4. carcrusher

    Uhm, What? Bigfoot 20 to be Electric-Powered!

    Unless I'm reading this wrong, this is going to be absolutely amazing:
  5. carcrusher

    No More SPEED Channel - Future of Monster Jam?

    Rumors had surfaced earlier in the year, but it appears now that SPEED is indeed being transitioned into an ESPN-style sports channel: Has anyone seen anything...
  6. carcrusher

    Dennis Anderson's Camel Ultra Lights

    Dennis Anderson's Camel Camel Caravan Just stumbled upon this while doing other research, as many of you know there are a ton of Camel-era-related documents out there as a result from legal proceedings in the tobacco industry throughout the years, but this is a new one that I found...
  7. carcrusher

    Connelsville, PA and Washington, PA August 2012 Show Thread

    As summer schedules start to be posted, we all go digging to see who will be at our local shows - here are the trucks that I've found for the two PA Performance Motorsports shows so far: Virginia Giant - both shows Eradicator - both shows Backdraft - both shows Bad News Travels Fast - both...
  8. carcrusher

    Toughest Monster Truck Tour Discussion

    Just got home from the Indiana, PA show, part of the Toughest Monster Truck Tour. This was the 3rd of 3 shows and to be honest I didn't know what to expect going in since it was a promoter I haven't seen yet as far as in person. Let me say that I was very, very impressed with the show. Here are...
  9. carcrusher

    Wanted - Camel Memorabilia

    Looking for Camel Mud & Monster Series memorabilia, souveniers, promo items, basically anything related to the series. Shoot me a PM if you have anything you're willing to part with and with what you'd like to get for it. I can always trade as well if you're interested.
  10. carcrusher

    Slipper Clutch Use in Monster Trucks

    Here's a question for the industry professionals out there - how common (if at all) is it to run a slipper clutch nowadays? I know that Fred Shafer used a slipper clutch on Bear Foot 9 and it seems like he had decent success with it - I think he had one failure in Albany and that was the only...
  11. carcrusher

    "Official" Grave Digger 30 Year Timeline

    Does it grind anyone else's gears when FELD produces something that is blatantly incorrect in pretty much every historical aspect? Take a look at this: I'll go ahead and list the things that I can see that are factually/chronologically...
  12. carcrusher

    Grave Digger 30th Anniversary DVD Discussion

    I don't know who else has gotten theirs yet so I'm sorry if I'm spoiling it, but here is my write-up on the new Grave Digger 30th Anniversary DVD: Aesthetically, the case and disc holders are pretty rad-looking. The inlets in the case contains a collage of many pictures, some of which I...
  13. carcrusher

    Darian Grubb Wins Cup Championship, Loses Job I thought something was up when he wasn't celebrating at all after the end of the race. Shame.
  14. carcrusher

    Monster Truck Radio - Bob Chandler

    Is there anywhere that I can get this week's Monster Truck Radio audio podcast with Bob Chandler? I can't watch the video that's hosted on TMB while I'm at work and it will take forever to buffer the whole thing at home. I'd assume they aren't updating the Castle Rock site at all with it since...
  15. carcrusher

    Fuel Cells

    The recent Video of Heart Breaker's backflip attempt and subsequent crash that resulted in (what looked like) a fuel spill got me thinking: Why do these trucks only have these simple plastic fuel cells? I'm not sure what they are made of, but they appear to be a type of plastic similar to that...
  16. carcrusher

    The Competitor - 1991 USHRA Newsletter

    I stumbled upon this link while doing some research on various old-school topics, and figured it was worth posting here. Some great info on the end of the '91 season. Does anyone have any of these types of documents in their possession and if so could you post them? I couldn't find any others on...
  17. carcrusher

    Another Ebay Score

    I got this bad boy in the mail today - the original winner apparently never paid so I got it on a second chance offer for $25 - can't beat that!
  18. carcrusher

    Leesley Bigfoot Cards for Trade/Sale

    Finally getting around to completing my set - I bought a wax box and had all but cards 39 and 97 so those are the two I need. The following are what I have to trade. I'll also sell the cards for $.50 a piece and if you buy the cards it will be $1 extra shipping. Or, you can have all of them for...
  19. carcrusher

    Ebay Score

    Always wanted the full set, and never thought I'd have all of them for this cheap! I guess it's some special JC Penny set that they had.
  20. carcrusher

    Goliath Makes Its Return!

    Goliath Makes Its Return This Weekend! I had already known that the Bigfoot team would be doing a display, but I just saw this: I'll be going on Saturday to check the show out (I work across the street from the airport as it is) so if the truck...