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  1. Pablog32

    Michigan Ice Monster

    THIS. THIS. A MILLION TIMES THIS. Well said, Kyle.
  2. Pablog32

    Monster Truck Destruction - Official Game Thread

    Sometimes during racing, my truck will slam into an invisible wall in the middle of the track. Other than that, it's a fun little game.
  3. Pablog32

    Derick Ansons new truck !!

    not only has it been around since 08. I recall seeing the concept art for Time Flys as early as late 06/early 07. So the idea came up at least 5 years ago.
  4. Pablog32

    Normally I wouldn't link to Something Awful, but...

    Yup, that's something awful alright.
  5. Pablog32

    who got nailed by the snow?

    ....puppy =)
  6. Pablog32

    Metal Mulisha truck unveiled

    i like it. simple, yet easily identifiable. and most importantly, doesnt have some stupid mohawk on the roof.
  7. Pablog32

    Does Executioner still run?

    Didn't Executioner run in Monster Jam recently?
  8. Pablog32

    MLMT What Happened???

    This was gonna be the 2009-2010 business model.
  9. Pablog32

    truck pairings for 2012 season

    so anyone with a hobby is an idiot? anyone who can afford to do what they enjoy is suddenly stupid? you got 'screwed over many times' but eric's the idiot....gotcha.
  10. Pablog32

    Big foot and Digger

    Finally. After all those weeks of not competing against each other.
  11. Pablog32

    World's Youngest Girl MT Driver

    I'll try to keep this short, I don't want to derail a thread that's supposed to be a celebration of something that Rosalee has worked really hard at for a very long time. You mean you have nothing to say about a family who would go out of their way to help a troubled 16 year old get his life...
  12. Pablog32

    Monster Mania Announces BEN10 Monster Truck Mania

    because its in europe. and nobody cares about europe.
  13. Pablog32

    WIN or FAIL? Gymkhana 4 is out!

    this one has Epic Meal Time in it, so its pretty much fail-proof.
  14. Pablog32

    Why do you think tom meents is the best?

    No he doesn't. Creten has what it takes to finish 2nd 10 years in a row. Part of winning is being clutch when it matters. Jimmy has never done that. As far as freestyle goes, he's great. Is he at the highest level? Sometimes. Can you count on him to put on a top 5 freestyle every...
  15. Pablog32

    Why do you think tom meents is the best?

    What's that gotta do with Meents being the best? Why do you have to try and be a dick by bringing that up? I posted a very long explanation in that thread. I told everyone where I was, What happened. How the money still went to charity despite everyone calling me a thief and a liar. How I...
  16. Pablog32

    What the...???

    german flag....
  17. Pablog32

    Why do you think tom meents is the best?

    Absolutely. If I see Tom at any show, He's the favorite to win. Gimme a 20, 30 or 40 truck event. Ill take Meents and you can have the field. In the long run, I made the smart bet. All the indy truck nuthuggers in this thread need to chill. Every other driver with the exception of...
  18. Pablog32

    They got him

    Nah, its still in the box, along with the shirt, pin and lanyard. anybody want to buy them? its going to a good cause. my wallet.
  19. Pablog32

    They got him

    Here's a picture of the guy that got him. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!