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    Points & Racing Series

    Venues aren't the problem. The MLMT events and MTC events were all at nascar tracks which, are the perfect venues for a large scale racing series, venues which feld doesn't use. As far as going head to head with feld's product. In the short time MLMT exsisted, it produced better tracks and more...
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    State of Bigfoot

    They also did get Traxxas as a sponsor this year. I'm wondering how long the trophy truck phase will last though. Bigfoot would look mean with the brand new F-150 as a body, or even the new superduty.
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    Old Spice commercial

    Speaking of commercials, I saw a commercial for STIHL, featuring a special STIHL schemed Raminator. Looks pretty sick too
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    Big news!!!!

    That is 100% completely AWESOME!!! I love it! Love to see the old names come back and this is definitely a name that I never would have thought we'd see return. Love the TNT stickers on it too. Mike Harper, job well done.
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    World finals 2015

    Gary drove Spider-Man at world finals 2. Yeah it's dissapointing, its a legend driver and name in the sport that deserves a spot. You're gonna tell me trucks like scooby doo NEED to be in the field?! Joke.
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    World finals 2015

    No Carolina Crusher in the field?! What BS.
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    Monster Jam Fox Sports 1 Championship Series

    I also think this is a cool idea for the most part. It's nice to the points series idea already expanding from the more monster jam tour before 2015 has already begun. It would be nice to see them work this into a series wide type of idea. I would also like to see all the trucks race instead of...
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    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread

    Here's video my dad took of my first ever live monster truck race. The TNT Renegades Monster Truck Challenge at Middletown NY in 1989, enjoy!!
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    Carolina Crusher !!!

    I'm Actually more interested in this new CC truck being built by Shafer. Nice to see that camp constructing new trucks. It'll be interesting to see where that truck runs and who drives it! Very cool to see trucks like CC, USA-1, Wild Thang and Monster Patrol making their way back.
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    #MoreMonsterJam ?

    I doubt that as well, which is unfortunate. Nassau was a great show with the dirt, it completely sucks on concrete.
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    #MoreMonsterJam ?

    oh for god sakes..
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    #MoreMonsterJam ?

    That's what I don't get either. What's with the quads and ATVs painted up like the trucks? are they part of the monster truck points competition too or what? are the MT drivers driving them too?
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    #MoreMonsterJam ?

    Interesting, I'll havta see how it plays out. If this is well received enough, maybe they would consider going with a points system for the entire monster jam series. Hope they put out some better racing tracks too.
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    What Happened?

    Even though a lot of it has moved to facebook, I think for me it's also part in because I think MT's in general have kind of flat lined lately. It's been the same stuff over and over the last couple years and there's nothing new and exciting happening. Hope that changes
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    Outlaw Nationals - Springfield, MO

    awesome pictures, thanks for posting! the new Wild Thang looks awesome in action!!!
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    RIP Gary Lee

    Very sad news. I too loved listening to Army and Gary's commentary for the PENDA series. Gary's voice especially reminds me of the PENDA days and represented the sport so well. RIP
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    2014 POD tour

    are you kidding me?! they only took 8 trucks for actual racing?! That alone makes me glad I didn't go, that would have ticked me off to drive all the way down there and watch only 8 trucks race. Not really impressed with the majority of the freestyle runs, you've seen one stadium freestyle and...
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    I wish I had MavTV...Dennis Anderson on the Dave Despain Show this Friday

    Yeah it was pretty much the standard how he started story for the most part. Some stuff about today's things that go on. Didn't really miss too much.
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    Charlotte Motor Speedway and Motor Mile Speedway 2014 Line Ups

    Will there be a show at Bristol again this year?
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    I wish I had MavTV...Dennis Anderson on the Dave Despain Show this Friday

    It's channel 411 for me on optimum (cablevision) Thanks for the heads up Cale, got it set up to record!