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  1. R.R.I

    Tacoma Monster Jam 2014!!

    Yes its kinda early but figured id post anyway 2014 is no far away an a whole new year an another season is about to begin, Looks to be another great start to a New Year in Tacoma WA.. Tacoma, WA January 3-5, 2014 Featuring Monster Jam? Trucks: Grave Digger? driven by Chad Tingler...
  2. R.R.I

    Used Monster Truck Tires Wanted!! Pacific Northwest!!!!

    Looking for Terra tires for a friend. Has cash but no looking to pay retail. Will pay for what quality the tire is.. Better tire obviously higher price.. there going on a ride truck an will be ran bald so, Can do 20% tread but would prefer more, Also lower ply tires perfered also no mega thick...
  3. R.R.I

    Monster Ride Truck Insurance Usa??

    Anyone know were to find insurance for a ride truck?? Looking to run private events for small town use an have no promoter im all on my own. SO is there such thing as a company that will cover the ride truck an the public if ever something happened?? or do I just have a weiver signed for all...
  4. R.R.I

    4-link bar adapters an heims??

    Looking for info on weld in inserts an heim joints. What are the standard 4 link setup 2" Bar an what size heim joints are good joints??? I don't want the worlds most spendy heims but would like a fair priced yet very strong for monster truck use.. I heard Fk had a few issues with heims on the...
  5. R.R.I

    2.5 Ton Air Shift T-Case VS Standard non air shift??

    Can anyone edplain the diff between the two??? Is one better than the other??? What all is the diff between them?? I heard the non air is part time option between 2wd an 4wd. An the air is full time no other option an a onboard air tank is needed. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  6. R.R.I

    Ride truck engine limits???

    Anyone know if theres limits?? I have a 557 BBF tunnel ram enderly injected engine on gas. Would this be allowed if I install it into a ride truck??? just a curious question.
  7. R.R.I

    Air bag shocks?? How do they work??

    Ok so I have been zippin around town today trying to get info on how to set up a 4 corner air bag suspenshion set up?? Were gatering parts to restore a well known classic 4 link monster running air bags as shocks.,now the obvious is u will need a compressor an air tank 4 air bags an some kinda...
  8. R.R.I

    klone Kong!

    What became of this. Did it get scrapped?? Its been months since the last update. Seems dane was,almost done then nothing..
  9. R.R.I

    Closed female thread?

    Whats up with that??, It wasnt that bad... God forbid someone mentions an attractive female in our sport... Geezz Guess the worlds gonna end when I get my throwback posters done with old leafers an a sexy women in a bikini.. Most ppl on here are males so I dont see a prob this isnt a webpage...
  10. R.R.I

    Monster truck jacks an pit boxes??

    Anyone got info or pics on either? Im looking to build each soon what all is everyone using out there? What works well? What does some of the other guys run out.there?
  11. R.R.I

    Power Steering pumps? PEI VS OEM Chevy

    So I heard something about teams getting away from an opened up gm 1 ton pump an going with a patrick pump whats the diff? Whats so great about it? Any photos??
  12. R.R.I

    Portland OR Monster Jam Pix!! WANTED!!!

    Anyone got pix from Sat nights show in portland??? Looking for pix of Tony C Flip in playin for keeps.
  13. R.R.I

    Where to order custom monster truck shirts an hoodies???

    ANyone know whos a common company designing shirts an who have a reasonable price for the product you get??? Im looking to get some shirts made of our trucks. Thanks.
  14. R.R.I

    Needing used wheels!!!!!!

    Needing used wheels for monster truck. If anyone has any old rusted wheels im interested split ring is fine but perfer 1 pc wheels. call or email thanks. (360) 904-3393 or [email protected] An yes i know were to get new wheels already called an got prices, Looking to keep costs down...
  15. R.R.I

    Seeking 6ply Terras / Few questions on new tires.

    Ok first seeing what's out there for 6 ply tires. Heard from Goodyear they havnt made 6plys since the 80"s how hard are they to find an does anyone have some to sell? Goodyear or firestone? Second part been seeing a lot of new tires coming out see feld has been running some new Russian tire...
  16. R.R.I

    Rockwell 5-ton Strength??

    Ok had a few questions an looking here since there a few old school guys who ran 5 tons. But the question is i have a few old projects, But i was looking over a few old photos over the years an i seen alot of guys in the early days ran straight 5 tons an had success when racing with the 5 tons...
  17. R.R.I

    Terry Woodcock Goes Hollywood..

    Got a tip from a parts dealer the other day that's involved in the monster industry. We got to talking an he said he spoke with.Terry woodcock this week said they stay in touch every so often I was curious to hear what Terry has been up to these days after leaving the monster world an seems he's...
  18. R.R.I

    Hall of Fame 2012?

    Wasn't the hof this weekend?? I thought it was? No coverage? Seems the old school is loosing motivation. What's going on? Any more shows coming up??? With gas guzzy? Any builds going on?? Why no updates???
  19. R.R.I

    Bolt on Complete zoomies downward facing big block ford an chevy

    Looking for a company that manufactures zoomies for big blocks an face straigh down or at a 45 degree angle. Also would like to keep coast down as I'm cheep.. need a set for a big block ford. An big block Chevy all with factory heads. Going on a old truck for personal display.
  20. R.R.I

    Monster limo!!!!!

    Ok guys I'm looking for photos or videos on the monster limo it was the old iron/led butterfly of tom feenys. Any photos is appreciated. Also fair warning I'm looking for photos I can take an use for a timeline were putting together for a private project. Oh an need photos of limo with the body...