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    For Sale Imthf poster

    I have two of these and only need one so the other is for sale.
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    Truck Related Bigfoot 2 &3

    Where are these trucks now?? They kinda fell off the map..
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    Clark axle ends for sale!!!!Why are threads closed????!!!!!!!

    I post things for sale on here... And my thread was closed??? Why??? I see these guys list tickets and other useless junk on here for sale. But I post useful parts for sale and my thread is close. I WAS considering making a donation to this site if I sold my axle ends. But now I'm not doing...
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    For Sale (4) 15 ton Clark plametary ends!!! And funk transfer case!!!

    As the title says I have 4 planets that are ready for matting to your center chucks. They have been debraked. I have all the ball and claw axles shafts. And this package comes with a funk transfer case. Asking 2500 obo. May consider trades of guns ammo or etc.
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    For Sale 48' Kentucky triple drop trailer!!!!!

    Here is the information on the trailer 1987 Kentucky moving Van Trailer 48 Ft. In Length and 8 foot 5 inches wide. Called out as a 102 width Curbside 5 Sets Of Swinging Doors Pull Out Bumper for Added Upright Cargo Wood Floors Drop Frame Van Tandem Axles Replaced one new tire. Passed...
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    Planetary question- what are these?

    Are these Clark planetaries? The cover over the center is kinda rounded. And are the second ones ps250 rockwells
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    Truck For Sale?

    Anyone know of any trucks for sale? Older trucks that could be used as a ride truck?
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    Monster Caddy?

    Was wondering what truck ran a caddy body? It was in the last two years or so.
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    Fort Wayne-Roll Call

    Whos going to be there? Friday or Saturday?
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    Full Metal Jacket Tank Truck?

    Does any one no what happened to the Full Metal Jacket Truck? Always liked it was just like bigfoot fastrax but all chevy.
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    24 days till the Monster Nationals!

    Well its 24 days till the Monster National kicks off its 2009 season, in Huntington Wv. Is Everyone ready?
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    kool bus ride truck?

    what ever happened to the kool bus ride truck?
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    Monster Nationals is coming to Mansfield- Roll Call

    I was wondering who from here would be coming down for the show. I be there Fri and Sat helping with the show and driving a super truck. Hope to see you there.
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    Truck Related BIGFOOT Safarifoot?

    Any body know what happened to BIGFOOT Safarifoot 2 & 3? Where are they now?
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    ertl 1/64 grave digger hauler 1of 2500

    ok found a grave digger hauler it was made buy ertl in 1992 and is 1 of only 2500 what it worth
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    Monster Trucks/ or Chassis For Sale

    Does anyone know of any race ready trucks or a good rolling chassis to build on for sale? Don’t need new but used but not beat would be nice. If anyone can help it was be appreciated. Thanks
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    Show Related Monster Nationals Heads To Bozeman MT

    Who all is going up to Bozeman this week and weekend, from here?
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    Monster Nationals-Battle Creek

    Hey everybody is Ian. You guys ready for a weekend with 3 races in MI? I hope George has mater running good this weekend? I sure hope the floor is bigger up there then champaige. Is it?