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  1. modeltruckshop

    New Reckless Drivin' monster truck.

    Pretty sweet JER, painting it tu tone blue with one black fender? HA Looks great.
  2. modeltruckshop

    Monster Jam 2016 announcment

    notice post above yours
  3. modeltruckshop

    Monster Jam 2016 announcment

    Every Ag tire dealer in our area will sell single BKT 66x43 tires. MSRP $2950
  4. modeltruckshop

    Taurus coming back

    That is pretty **** funny!! Too bad a BUNCH of other MT guys have fallen for the Duckett scam.
  5. modeltruckshop

    Ride Truck info

    Russ is in Michigan.
  6. modeltruckshop

    Taurus/Bearfoot facebook page.

    The Taurus facebook page is pretty amazing. He portrays himself as Willman basically. What a complete fraud.
  7. modeltruckshop

    The Rebuild of Mud Hog

    Here is something I made for Russ as rent for storing my monster! Hope he doesn't mind me sharing. A few of us went there yesterday for a little history of monster trucks bull session. We had a great time of course. (p.s. yes Russ we wrestled today) :) Thanks again Russ!
  8. modeltruckshop

    Truck Related Official Old School Pic Thread

    Not even sure where I stole these, maybe Peterson's site? Figured there had been no pictures for a couple months so it was better than nothing.
  9. modeltruckshop

    looking for any info on a ushra 4x4 pulling truck

    There was also a truck called Tennessean but it had a late 70s chevy body.
  10. modeltruckshop

    War Master

    The January 87 show is the only silverdome show it did. Without making to much of a hijack to this thread I can do a little of what we know of the history of the truck. Plus the different bodies it has worn. I will post a long winded novelette about it!! HA - - - Updated - - - It...
  11. modeltruckshop

    War Master

    Here it is with Russ' tires and wheels on it. Also being hauled home. This gives you guys a little idea how tall it actually is. It is really a pretty tall truck. This body goes away and the correct Ford back on. If anyone needs a complete S-10 body its for sale. AND cheap. Interior is...
  12. modeltruckshop

    Save Mayhem

    Don I thought that was just subtle humor on your part with the first post!! HA
  13. modeltruckshop

    War Master

    Hero cards too for sure!!!
  14. modeltruckshop

    War Master

    War Master is nobodies favorite. Not even mine and I own it!! Ha
  15. modeltruckshop

    War Master

    Well about 100% right now!!!! HAHHAHA I am hoping for show video with those two together appears next. I never thought about making a HotWheels with the gold wheels before. I like that idea for sure.
  16. modeltruckshop

    War Master

    The WAR MASTER truck is sitting in my backyard. I cant help but ask how you even knew it existed?
  17. modeltruckshop

    Monster Truck model build off

    Nice work Terry. Keep it up.
  18. modeltruckshop

    The Rebuild of Mud Hog

    Thanks Russ. You know how it is first hand. We only wrestle 10 months a year that leaves two for trucks right? I'll start a thread when it becomes interesting enough to post how 'bout? Then everyone can tell me how I should be doing it too. HA
  19. modeltruckshop

    The Rebuild of Mud Hog

    Hope you keep going with it Russ. Some of us know there was even more to it then a magazine cover(even though that was impressive!!) Keep your project moving faster than mine at least!
  20. modeltruckshop

    Texas Toy

    Tazmanian Devil is another for your list