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    yet another I crushed cars first claim

    The annual spring break trip is over back to reality. We went to St Louis this year. A trip there would not be complete without a stop at DeGrasso's shop. He has a treasure trove of early stuff and never dumps anything. As most of you know his first set of 66s were off the MUDRAT truck. He...
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    few more for sale

    Also an extra Bill Holder book for sale. Also if there are any Bigfoot fans intrested i would do a package with the BF Legend mag, and some others all together. [email protected] Thanks, Steve
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    Grave Digger model for sale and Cyclops toy

    Hey guys, trying to thin the heard a little at my place. Grave Digger and the signed base are sale. Check out the model build off thread for more details on the build. No you cant get one off the shelf. HA Also I have an extra Cyclops to sell. [email protected] or PM...
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    Old Skool mags for sale:

    Pretty sure not many guys check the classifieds here so I am listing until it gets deleted.:rolleyes: MT 1, MT II, Bigfoot the Living Legend , and a couple copies of the first issue of Petersons that featured Bigfoot 1. PM for more info or email. [email protected] Most of...
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    Hot Rod magazine FYI

    There is a one page interview with Carl Van Horn in Hot Rod this month. Two of the last three months have had monsters in there. More than Four Wheeler and Four Wheel and Off Road together. :( I can scan if anyone is intrested. Steve
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    Monsters in Hot Rod this month

    Not sure how many of you guys get Hot Rod but this month they have a brief monster truck article. Steve
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    Gas Guzzy SST's anyone?

    We all know there were some SST models from Playskool that were designed but never saw production. Anyone ever wonder what SSTs would look like if they had kept going. I sure have. Here is a couple of my ideas at least. Thanks ACE for help with the artwork as always. Gimme your thoughts...
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    another amazing ebay listing

    Check this out, for a mere $99 you can have a Dennis Anderson trading card!!! ;) Its not even in O'Fallon!!! Oh how I wish stuff really sold for these prices...
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    New Excaliber toys???

    Maybe these aren't new to you guys but I had not seen one before. This is the 1/24th are the coming in 1/64th also???
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    Making Big Harry

    Here is some buildup photos of the 1/24th scale Shotgun Harry. It is based on the AMT Scout. That Scout is the wrong year so i scratchbuilt the grille for the model. The 1:1 Shotgun Harry uses flares from a modern Super Duty, I modified an old set froman AMT Bigfoot to look reasonably...
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    Making Little Harry

    Here is a few build up photos of making the 1/64th Shotgun Harry. It was a well used Rooling Thunder Superchargers and a Johnny Lighting scout I took the top off of: Allis Chalmers orange like the 1:1,filled tailgate and lights, and smoothed fuel tank filler. Brass rod soldered together for...
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    Museum and Hall of Fame work day

    Saturday was a work day at the International Monster Truck Museum and Hall of Fame. We were able to tire up GOLIATH for the first time in almost two decades,that was the biggest news. We also got Bigfoot 1 back on display,Mud Monster was added as well. We got more display cases filled and more...
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    International Monster Truck Museum displays

    Just wanted to let some of you that have interesting collections know that the museum is always seeking items to display. Any size and any quanity. Ace and I have taken stuff already. A couple trucks are headed there for new displays. Several teams or drivers have sent items also. I am...
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    Old SST write up

    I thought some of you Bigfoot collectors might like this from an old Peterson's 4 wheel and offroad. :) Steve
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    Monroe Michigan caption this!!

    Here is a shot from Monroe friday night. My thought for a caption was: " That's nothing I want my money back!!" or " What's the deal, this truck is still drivable at the end of the night???"
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    e-bay find

    Thought you guys might enjoy this. The add calls it a "roll bar". Looks like PVC to me!!:D The add also said he will have other monster trucks for sale. I am hoping one of them has an entire tube chassis built from PVC. :DSteve
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    Bigfoot 8 in popular Mechanics

    I don't know if many of you have seen this before. It is from January 1992. Sorry they are lousy scans.Usually try to crop them and clean them up a little. I am in the midst of catastrophic computer failure though.:( Steve
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    refrence photo request?

    Hey guys, do any of you have a good picture of the back of the cab from a '73 -'79 Ford truck you could post or e-mail me??:confused: I need it for a model project. Thanks,Steve:D
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    New old skool silverdome photos

    I know several people had to have taken pics of Allen's restored Predator. I'd love to see some. Here are a few my dad and I took. Also a few of some other old skool subjects there. Hope to see some more from everyone, Steve The original Excaliber crew:
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    Russian Monster truck

    My son found these pictures on a Russian truck website. We thought it may be of intrest to some. What little we could translate from the picture just said it was abandoned on the street in St. Petersburg. I was suprised it was so burnt and the tires not burnt to the rims. Anyone else know about...