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  1. who me

    My New Project

    Picked her up this past week. Already sandblasted and got some new paint on Now time to start getting parts together.
  2. who me

    Wanted to give props

    This weekend had the privilege of crewing for the Cretens at MJ Detroit. They are some good down to earth hard working folks. Jimmy did some major damage to Bounty and was on the road the next morning to see Dan Patrick to get it fixed. I could not care less what folks say about the company...
  3. who me

    Nice to have Mayhem Back

    Glad the site is back up and running
  4. who me


    What happened with SIR? They had a full MJ schedule and I am not seeing them anymore. Now I see they are selling off two trucks. Just wondering what happened.
  5. who me

    Next Gen

    So what is everyone's thoughts on the next gen of MT chassis. We know the evolution to this point and it took and interesting turn in the last couple years. It went from the original steel beasts to increasingly lighter trucks that moved like lightning. Then suddenly with the big stadium...
  6. who me

    Slick and Ace

    Ed from CFP had posted that Slick and Ace would be debuting this past weekend in Cheyenne. Anyone get any pics? Have been waiting to see the finished product.
  7. who me

    Monster Jam 3D modeling

    Does anyone know what program they use for the MJ 3D modelling of the trucks. Like the Digger the Legend image everyone hates. I have a sponsor that wants an image like that.
  8. who me

    Team for Sale

    Just saw this on racingjunk Seem like fair pricing. I personally want the Whiplash (old No Problem) truck. Honestly would like to have either but the history on the Whiplash truck makes it my pick. Team for Sale
  9. who me

    Screamin Demon for sale I think it's a bit high for a roller, with no tires/motor/body but who knows
  10. who me

    MT Jacks

    I know some were asking about how guys lift their MTs. I thought I would post a quick vid of the one I am working on. Until I have the money to get one of those pro units everyone has, I am using what I have. Had an old 18 ton floor jack. Cylinder on it was bad, besides weighed about 50lbs...
  11. who me

    Midwest Monster Trucks - July 6th

    Anyone going to the MMT Show at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant MI this Saturday? This show has become quite a showpiece for the promotion and as with all their shows nothing but top notch Indy Trucks. Will be my time attending and really looking forward to it.
  12. who me

    couple new pics

    been slow on this forum so figured I would post a couple pics of the truck. Unfortunately gonna have to put her up for sale. Between my career, family, and other obligations just can't keep up with running a ride truck operation. If anyone knows of an older 4 link chassis laying around let...
  13. who me


    Hey looking for a 4link chassis, tube frame. Looking to sell the ride truck and do a few events a year. Something older is fine, and probably best, since it won't be running very often. With work, family, and obligations just getting to be too much running the ride truck operation. Wanna...
  14. who me

    Jeremy Brady?

    What happened? He was just getting comfortable in Shock Therapy and doing good. He gonna build a race version of Casper? Would love to see that, he brought the original back to life lookin good. I think he could make a crazy race version.
  15. who me

    Bad Habit for sale? Saw this and was shocked. Is Joe building a new rig?
  16. who me

    Copeland's / Maine-iac for sale

    Just saw this on eBay. Ol girl still looks good
  17. who me

    Monster Patrol

    Who's Monster Patrol is it that is doing the Outlaw Series? Zane posted some pics from Bryan, TX, where they were at this weekend, and it showed a Monster Patrol I can recall seeing before.
  18. who me


    Got the Monster Truck Destruction app on my iPhone the other day. Have to say I am really impressed with this app. Couple of minor problems with it, programming, but otherwise is awesome.
  19. who me

    Heard it was for sale Survivor Up for sale
  20. who me

    All Seriousness Need Your Oppinions

    As many of you know I have been trying to sell my ride truck, to buy a race truck. I have been contacted and asked if I would be interested in going on a Reality Show with the truck. I think it will generate a LOT of advertisement for me and the truck but wonder what you think?