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    new tracks and injured drivers...

    Well I don't think it's necessarily JUST the track design. Drivers have been getting hurt since the beginning. It just wasn't as well known previously because there wasn't the internet and the news wasn't so readily available. I'm not going to give the names but there are literally dozens of...
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    My New Project

    Picked her up this past week. Already sandblasted and got some new paint on Now time to start getting parts together.
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    Wanted to give props

    This weekend had the privilege of crewing for the Cretens at MJ Detroit. They are some good down to earth hard working folks. Jimmy did some major damage to Bounty and was on the road the next morning to see Dan Patrick to get it fixed. I could not care less what folks say about the company...
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    Nice to have Mayhem Back

    Glad the site is back up and running
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    What happened with SIR? They had a full MJ schedule and I am not seeing them anymore. Now I see they are selling off two trucks. Just wondering what happened.
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    New Truck Build

    New Build Wow that chassis has some history behind it. I knew Shortiron has been building one, been following the build on the local mud/4x4 site. Does good work.
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    New Truck Build

    looking good. What chassis is that? Seen it before but can't place it.
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    Chain box

    Check with Ed (Full Boar) or the Perrins. They ran em
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    Promoter Related Promoter Unknown?

    Both are Monster X Events Monster X Website
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    trucks that have been "totalled" in one wreck

    If you are talking about War Wizard, isnt that now a display truck in Conn that Pat Suma put together?
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    trucks that have been "totalled" in one wreck

    I believe that was the one. You gotta admit, those CRD chassis are pretty and solid but those wilman styles last a LONG time.
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    dresser wis. memorial day weekend monster truck shows

    Looked it up and looks like is only the Hall Bros trucks Rammunition and Ramminator. Here's a link Memorial 4X4
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    Next Gen

    So what is everyone's thoughts on the next gen of MT chassis. We know the evolution to this point and it took and interesting turn in the last couple years. It went from the original steel beasts to increasingly lighter trucks that moved like lightning. Then suddenly with the big stadium...
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    trucks that have been "totalled" in one wreck

    yeah I agree, I don't know of any where it was a one time run and the truck was completely destroyed. Most are just after years of brutal hits.
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    Show Related MAY 2nd Waco Texas Baylor Stadium

    What I love is how I all I have to do is go against what you say and you will respond like a trained monkey every time. I'm loving this. Ok please point out how I'm "CONTRADICTORY". As for my actions I did not know you could see me and what I am doing. If not you must mean my statements...
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    trucks that have been "totalled" in one wreck

    No there was one Neil had that ended the reign of that particular chassis and they had to build Neil a new one. I can't recall the event right now. but, was a crazy hit. will look it up. Was his old truck with the wilman style set up and he ended up with the new spread cradle like tom's
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    Show Related MAY 2nd Waco Texas Baylor Stadium

    Clearly you want to argue. First you tell me to calm down then try to criticize me and then slander me. I just don't have time for it. You missed the point of my post or didn't care. I hope you are not judged as you judge others.
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    Show Related MAY 2nd Waco Texas Baylor Stadium

    I agree, arguing will get us nowhere. How about I present my perspective and you let me know what you think. I feel that some of the comments made leave you with the sense that they are attacks, not criticism. I feel that we need to support the promotions like CFP, Midwest Monster Trucks...
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    trucks that have been "totalled" in one wreck

    This is a real difficult one. The problem is that with a lot of the new trucks they put the body on a different chassis and show up next week. Can be hard to figure out if it was the same truck or not. Secondly they literally replace so much of the chassis you never know what;s damaged and...
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    Show Related MAY 2nd Waco Texas Baylor Stadium

    What I don't understand here, is I see a lot of Opinions being thrown out but not a lot of facts. The show started 45 minutes late? Did it actually start that late or is that yet more exaggeration of facts? Was it late because of Ed or the Stadium? Doesn't matter because it's all Ed's fault...