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  1. T-Rex

    Used Tcase?

    chain drive!
  2. T-Rex

    Welding link tabs to cast?

    Here is what I use around here for MT projects and farm equipment. esab 7100 ultra dual shield follow the directions and it will be just fine!
  3. T-Rex

    Welding link tabs to cast?

    what housings? What material?
  4. T-Rex

    For Sale set of pie pans for sale, las vegas area

    holy crap, I could retire at that price!!!
  5. T-Rex

    What are these?

    they are junk and I will buy them for parts!!!
  6. T-Rex

    Looking for 106 housings

    Kyle, you just have to coocksucker him on FaceBook and make it miserable for him, he will send you a check!!!:cool:
  7. T-Rex

    Truck Related Wanted - military pancake style Pettibones

    there are a few sets out in Montana at a yard, been buying things from there for years. Sometimes the prices are a little high, but if you need them whats the difference!!!
  8. T-Rex

    Some new 2014 looks

    Those must be the first shots of the new USA #1 BigFoot that's coming out this month! Everett was telling me about it!
  9. T-Rex

    For Sale 2013 rock bouncer

    I may have what you need, give me a e-mail address and I will show you what I have for sale,
  10. T-Rex

    Rockwell Planetary Seals

    Call Adam at AOP, he should have it available, he has been building a few sets of those lately!
  11. T-Rex

    Billet Clark Champagne

    Russ, you should post photos of your other components for others to see. Some may not know what you have built!!!
  12. T-Rex

    IMTHOF this weekend!

    I cant find anyone to go with from my area, I really don't want to drive 30 hrs by myself!
  13. T-Rex

    IMTHOF this weekend!

    I doubt like heck Jeff would turn anyone away!!!
  14. T-Rex

    IMTHOF this weekend!

    tickets are not the problem!, besides with the numbers being low, why would anyone turn someone away!!!
  15. T-Rex

    IMTHOF this weekend!

    Who is all going this weekend? I am still undecided!
  16. T-Rex

    Sheetmetal F106 housing weight

    Who cares as long as it's safe!!! 250-325!!
  17. T-Rex

    clarks and differences?

    found a few of them on a 125 A also?
  18. T-Rex

    Truck Related rockwell f106 flipped reverser box

    thinking about running my new ones up side down, at least they'll be pulling themselves into the housing instead of pushing the out, that's the only bad about running pettibones the right side up is they have to go in revers to make them go forward, and ring and pinion is designed to one way...
  19. T-Rex

    53 kentucky double drop

    It sold to Jack Koberna, but I have heard it may be for sale, it is still here in MN. Contact Jack for more info! Thank you, Chad
  20. T-Rex

    Truck Related rockwell f106 flipped reverser box

    I think i would still run them upside down and a 19" reversing box to gain 4" of rotor clearance, works either way!