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  1. T-Rex

    IMTHOF this weekend!

    Who is all going this weekend? I am still undecided!
  2. T-Rex

    53 kentucky double drop

    I have decided to sell my trailer, 1988 53' DD, build what you want, no ramps, no grease. just the smell of hay. I can E-Mail photos!!! $8500 OBO
  3. T-Rex

    USA#1 political news!!!

    Looks like he's up to two of his favorite things!
  4. T-Rex

    Press Release from USA#1 4x4

    Press Release from USA#1 4X4, Please go to
  5. T-Rex

    cleaning out the shop sale

    For sale 2000 volvo 770, 500 detroit, 13 spd, 1988 Kentucky 53' double drop, not set up, virgin!, Former Destroyer monster truck 90% finished, Many extra Pettibone parts, axles, housings, 53 terra tires to choose from. $70,000 takes all!!! e-mail or call...
  6. T-Rex

    Ride truck needed this weekend

    Are there any ride trucks available this weekend for Bemidji MN show, been adveretised alot, should do good, they have not had anything in two years, they should be ready to spend money!!! Hit me up here or call me 218 252 8739 Chad
  7. T-Rex

    double drop trailers

    Hate to start a new thread, but I would like some inside shots of the double drop trailers. Ramps, stilts, storage, ect. Thanks, Chad I guess no one has any photos!
  8. T-Rex

    Ride truck needed Sept 2,3,4

    Please let me know of anyone available to come to for Labor Day weekend! 218 252 8739 or [email protected]
  9. T-Rex

    Wheels for sale

    I have 4- new never used Longs wheels, 25"x32" with a bead protector, Pettibone pattern, 12 on 16.125 with 7" of offset. e-mail [email protected], Chad
  10. T-Rex

    Race trucks needed May 6-7

    I need two race trucks in Colorado, May 6-7, could possibly use a ride truck also if it was along for the ride. Please e-mail me @ [email protected] Chad
  11. T-Rex

    2 trucks needed asap

    I need two trucks for this weekend, Please reply here or e-mail [email protected]
  12. T-Rex

    5 race trucks needed March 19th

    5 race trucks needed, please e-mail me [email protected] if available. Chad West coast area!
  13. T-Rex

    Race and ride truck needed: March 11-12

    4 race trucks and 1 ride truck needed for Corinth, MS. please e-mail me with contact info to [email protected] Thank you, Chad
  14. T-Rex

    Master of Disaster

    Does anyone know where my old chassis ended up? I believe it was in Indiana when it was on e-bay at last. Thanks in advance! Chad
  15. T-Rex

    USA#1 doing something a little different!

    Check out the site,
  16. T-Rex

    Ride truck needed

    I need 1 ride truck for Howies Mud Bog in central MN for Labor Day weekend! Please send me a e-mail with info, price, ect. I did this gig last year, but will not be able to do it this year due to bookings. I will be at this event just having a good time. Thank you, Chad [email protected]
  17. T-Rex

    Trucks needed for June 19th

    I need two trucks for June 19, Looking for one head liner and one good filler for a six truck show. Please e-mail me with interest. Chad [email protected]
  18. T-Rex

    Clod project/RC 10

    Hi, all, I have been cleaning up stuff in the shop and ran across my Clod/Clodzilla chassis, rears, wheels/tires, together as a roller with some type of monster motors. I also have a new RC 10 that the chassis has been assembled, w/ body. I have a New Attack R radio w/novack speed controler no...
  19. T-Rex

    looking for some photos

    I really hate when so and so is always looking for photos, but I am at a point in this truck where I need a little assistance. Can anyone post or lead me to good photos of Bendzicks Rolling Thunder or any other truck with a rearmost mounted fuel tank. And also I am in need of a new "natural" JAZ...
  20. T-Rex

    Monster Truck Business for Sale on Craiglist.