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    Save Mayhem

    I have noticed for quite a while the little traffic here. When I first signed up for this site there used to be new posts/threads all the time. Now it seems there is not even close to the amount. Is there a reason for this? I love this place, and hate to see the lack of new posts or threads.
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    Roadhouse remake

    Here is a link to the small story Has anyone else heard anything about this. I wonder since it is supposed to be a remake if they are going to redo the best scene ever.
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    Monster Trucks at the NYS Fair Syracuse NY 2013

    Saw this and just about lost it. I really hope I can get the day off from work. Anyone else going?
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    Found this site yesterday when I was cruisin the net. I think I had maybe 2 of Stompers growing up. I know I had a ton of the ones that I think came from McDonalds because they were plastic free wheeled trucks that had the bottoms hollowed out.
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    R U Faster Than a Redneck

    Has anyone seen this show yet? It great to see 2 Monster Truck drivers (if they still compete) on this show. For those who have not seen this yet, Lonny and Jason Childress both run cars on this show. As a Monster Truck community I'm really surprised this has not been brought up yet...
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    Monster X Utica NY show

    Looks like a awesome line up for March 22nd and 23rd. Bigfoot 11, Stinger, Heavy Hitter and River Rat. Anyone else attending or know any more info? Thanks
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    Bigfoot Cruiser on Craigslist

    Found this earlier on Craigslist. Looks like it need alot ofTLC though. I hope someone buys it and does a restore. The truck is located near Utica NY.
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    Wicked Sickness

    I'm looking for Info on this truck called Wicked Sickness. I was just wondering who owns it? I noticed in the only 2 pics I've seen of it, it is parked near a bigfoot built truck or hauler. Was this truck built buy Bigfoot 4x4? I noticed in one pic on Dennis Tafts site it looks like its...
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    Change to Screen name

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. but who do I have to message to get my screen name changed? Thanks
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    Bigfoot truck

    I found this on e-bay. I used to have this truck, but the tires on mine looked more like actual Monster Truck tires. Did anyone else have one?
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    King of Trucks

    Anyone here attending this event at all? It's the second year. I do think it needs some Monster Trucks and tuff trucks to make it a full complete truckfest type event. It's got pulling, mud bogs, rock crawling, even a show and shine.
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    Skyline Raceway Cortland NY Event I saw on their schedule they have Monster Trucks listed for June 30th. Does anyone have information on this event? Thanks
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    AMP Tour Utica NY event

    Just got home from the AMP event at the Utica Aud. Probobly one of the best shows I've been too in a while. The show was very well put together, there was no rush to get you in or out, and the announcer didn't plug cheap merchandise through most of the show. For a friday night there was quite...
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    Another event in the Syracsue NY area? Lets make it happen.

    According to the local Newspaper, Onondaga Community College(OCC) is building a arena/sports complex. One of the events that is listed is the National Arena Cross series. If Arena Cross is coming to this complex, then it seems it shouldn't be hard to bring the Monsters. I'd love to see CFP...
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    Bigfoot spotted on XBox live

    I noticed in the avatar accessories, they have a truck you can d/l that looks just like Bigfoot 9 or 10. It has cars that it crushes and it does some doughnuts to the delight of your avatar. Has anyone else seen this?
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    RC Stuff that needs to go

    Got some stuff that needs to go. Traxxas Stampede: XL-5 version. Truck has a EZ Run 9t brushless system, Hobby King 2.4 Ghz radio, RPM rear a-arms, RPM wheelie bar mount, RPM front bumper. The truck has some scratches on the bottom. It will need a new left rear rim, and batteries for...
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    Monster Wars events

    What were the locations of the televised Monster War events. I've seen clips on Taft's site the look like they are from an event that would have been a Penda event. I'm just curious.
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    Searching for Bobby Fisher(not the movie)

    I was just wondering if anyone had any info on what happened to Bob Fisher? I didn't know if he was still involved in the sport in any way at all, and if Liquidator or UFO were still around? Always been two of my favorite trucks and driver. Thanks
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    A couple of Bigfoot questions.

    I have 2 Bigfoot questions I've been wondering about. I see a Bigfoot truck in some of the older USHRA footage, the truck doesn't have a noticable roll bar set in the back and has the Camel Mud and Monster logo on the windshield. Which truck is this? I know its not number 8, because it is...
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    Monster Mania Website. Does anyone have any info on this? I'm just wondering if this is going to be a blast from the past.